The Business Of BuzzFeed: How The Media Giant Builds Brands



Explore the business side of BuzzFeed and how they bring new brands like Tasty and Bring Me to market.

Brant McLean, BuzzFeed’s Senior Vice President of Brand Strategy, Europe, sat down with Social Media Week Founder and Executive Director, Toby Daniels to discuss how BuzzFeed successfully grows brands and never rests on its laurels.

BuzzFeed’s business strategy revolves around adapting to the desires of audiences and changes on different platforms. This philosophy is even reflecting in the company’s logo, which has a curve in it representing the brand’s ability to make shifts in its business strategy, evolve, and adapt.

At the core of BuzzFeed is a focus on finding a one on one connection. It wants to find out why people share content and why a person finds meaning in a piece of content. Once BuzzFeed figures out what job that content is fulfilling, it helps other brands understand how they are influencing their targeted audience and decide what direction future content should move toward.

The company’s end goal is to become the anticipator on how people will connect around content because a share can turn a “me” into an “us,” which can become a subculture and grow into the collective.

By focusing on that connection, BuzzFeed was able to turn Tasty into the largest food network worldwide. To do this, BuzzFeed focused on finding the most shared video length shared on Facebook. Since its creation, Tasty has 58 billion total views worldwide and has 420 million monthly active users on Facebook alone.

Other BuzzFeed Brands By The Numbers

Nifty, which focuses on DIY, is the second fastest growing franchise in Facebook history. Worth It, a video series centered around the idea of finding out if something is “worth it,” emotionally resonated with an audience with its DIY feel. 1 billion minutes watched in its first season. In its first week, Worth It received over 10,000 comments on YouTube. Bring Me is Buzzfeed’s experiential travel site.

  • 80 million viewers in the US
  • 268 million globally
  • Has producers on 6 out of 7 continents
  • 343,000 new page likes every month
  • 1.2 billion views
  • 496 million minutes viewed

BuzzFeed’s popularity is the result of finding out why audiences connect with pieces of content and creating more of it. The brands strives to be successful globally, while remaining relevant locally.

Further analysis and commentary from “The Business of Building a BuzzFeed Brand” session:


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