You Can Now Block Brands For A Hot Sec With Facebook Snooze

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Smart. Facebook is testing new tools to let users “go on a break” without breaking up.

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Want to take a timeout from brands (and people, too) on Facebook? Well, we have some good news for you. TechCrunch reports that the company is testing a “snooze” feature that allows users to temporarily block content from specific sources.

For example, say you’re stuck in a cubicle and don’t want to see an endless cascade of epic vacation photos from your roommate. Or, perhaps a brand you follow is promoting a new product and you’ve simply had enough of it. In each of these instances, Facebook wants you to be able to hit pause on the updates without unfollowing them altogether.

Despite being temporary, you do have options for how long you can disconnect from certain people, pages, and groups. Specifically, your choices are 24 hours, a week or 30 days. Whatever you decide, the action remains anonymous and they will not be notified that you’ve snoozed them (insert sigh of relief).

Photo courtesy of TechCrunch

As the above photos depict, the feature works by first clicking on the three dots on the right-hand side of a post. Once the drop-down appears, select the “Unfollow or Snooze [insert person, group or brand here],” after which you’ll be directed to make your selection as to how long you wish to snooze them or if you want to unfollow them permanently.

Though it has yet to be officially announced, and despite the chance that it might not even become a widespread rollout depending on the results of the trial run, people are expressing their excitement about the possibility of having this option at their fingertips.

What implications does this have for marketing? Well, brands should be wary of over-saturating updates around a key promotion or message that might not be welcomed by or relevant to users. On the whole, however, this is good news since it could eliminate the instances in which people unfollow them completely. To ensure this does not happen will require effective strategy and storytelling.

Further, as TC sources remind us, FB already keeps tabs on the frequency with which we like, click, comment and share certain types of posts. It wouldn’t be unrealistic or far-fetched if they carried this concept and applied it to Snoozing. That is, just because you are only “snoozed” for a certain amount of time doesn’t mean you’re in the clear indefinitely.

Only time will tell what Facebook’s ultimate move upon wrapping up its tests will be, but until then, who would you snooze?

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