Google Cloud’s Head of Partnerships On The Future Of Personalization



Yuval Dvir (Head of Partnerships, Google Cloud) looks into the technologies and platforms that drives personalization and how we can ensure they are used for the better.

The ability of technology today to provide scaled personalized and relevant information has driven tremendous value to users and the marketplace. Personalization has driven strong engagement and immersion across the multiple digital platforms through the use of custom search and artificial intelligence.

At #SMWLDN, Yuval Dvir (Head of Partnerships, Google Cloud) spoke about the technologies and platforms that drives personalization and how we can ensure they are used for the better.

Dvir began his session by talking about the subject that matter most to him; technology, people, business, and organizations. All four of these intersect at the development of artificial intelligence, but the process shouldn’t feel automatic.

  • Technology is only as good as the people implementing it
  • People are only as good as the culture allows them to be
  • Culture is only as good as the leaders it is derived from

Balancing technology, people culture, and leaders in your organization is critical. But with business comes personalization. Whether it’s your signature drink at Starbucks or precision medicine you deal with personalization on a daily basis.

  • One size fits one
  • Implicit (re-marketing) vs Explicit (customization)
  • Filter bubbles, no common base of knowledge.

Disruption In The Market

Technology is in a constant state of disturbance. In 1992, the global internet traffic was about 100 GB per day. By 2019, global internet traffic will reach 51,794 GB per second.

The amount of mobile phone users grow every year and last year, mobile accounted for 51.3% of the internet traffic. This is going to directly affect the cloud. We are becoming more dependent on cloud storage. Technology is making it easier for users to access and use the cloud. The increase in data usage and amount of smartphone users combined with cloud technology are are making it possible for advancements in artificial intelligence.

AI acts like the human brain by working as a network to make strong connections and memories. By processing data it can get from one place to another. AI could be used to program games, drive cars, or even be used to see if a patient has developed skin cancer.

Dealing With Disturbance

How do you deal with the disturbances happening in the advancements in technology, the needs of users, work-life balance, and the changes in business models? We need to solve the problem rather than plan on solving it and tame the need for unachievable certainty. There is a limit to what we can do, so less is more, and we need to focus on what truly matter.

Dvir mentioned the famous [Amazon founder]’s two pizza rule, saying that if it takes more than two pizzas to feed a team, the team is too big. Within a large organization you need to keep the team small to allow the idea to manifest and innovate. Culture is important for an organization and each solution is tailored for that particular organization’s culture.

“When starting a new company or initiative, culture is the most important thing to consider.” – Eric Schmidt (Executive Chairman, Alphabet Inc.)

According to the Harvard Business Review, employees are responsible for 60% of all cyberattacks. Dvir brings this up because you could invest all your organization’s money into technology, but you must first invest in people.

Further analysis and commentary from “Let’s Ensure Personalization Doesn’t Become Isolation” session:

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