How To Build Your Brand’s Mobile Strategy With Facebook & Instagram



Facebook’s services provide personalized marketing in every stage of the consumers’s journey.

During the first session of Social Media Week London, Kat Hahn (Head of Creative Shop, Northern Europe, Facebook) shared that the average person is scrolls through 300 feet of feed per day on mobile. Mobile has changed the landscape for consuming content and has become the go-to destination for brands to reach their current and potential audience.

A Facebook and Instagram not only provide a landing page for your brand where customers can learn more and communicate directly, but it also gives your business a ready-made mobile strategy.

At #SMWLDN, Sophie Agnew (SMB Partner Manager, Facebook) led a workshop on how to build a mobile presence for your business and how Facebook & Instagram can help grow it.

Mobile First

Agnew began her workshop by discussing mobile’s current audience, which is everyone. People spend 3 hours a day consuming content on their mobile device and 62% of people glance at their smartphones a staggering 30 times a day.

Mobile is also opening up opportunities for businesses to reach customers with 90% of people using their smart phones for shopping and 57% glancing at their smartphones will watching TV. The consumer journey doesn’t happen through mobile, statistics show that the consumer journey happens across all devices and channels.

Their are currently over 2B people using Facebook and 700M on Instagram spending 20% time on mobile. Just in the UK alone, 32M people are on Facebook each day, 30M of those on mobile with 94% of daily Facebook use being mobile-only. 51% of the UK’s internet population log in to Facebook on mobile every day.

Agnew proceeded to walk attendees through what Facebook’s personalized marketing looks like in every stage of the consumers’s journey.

Facebook Campaign Objectives

Facebook offers businesses ad solutions across the entire Facebook family.

  • Awareness – Drive top-of-mind-awareness for your brand with video and slideshow ads to reach people that are most likely to pay attention.
  • Demand – Use Canvas and Collection to generate demand for your brand’s product or service.
  • Acquisition – Use Lead Generation on Facebook and Instagram to help you collect info from people interested in your business.
  • Transaction – Automatically retarget relevant products to drive your dynamic ads.

Different Options In Targeting Your Audience

With Facebook and Instagram you can target your audience based on demographics, location, interests, behavior, or top partner. Use first party data to extend your relationship with existing customers, develop net customers and prospects, and learn about your customers through insights.

You can find new customers that share traits and interests with your current customer base. Find new prospects that look like your most valuable customers, ones that have recently converted or have interacted with your page. 70% of Facebook users in Europe connect with at least one business from a foreign country and 362M users from abroad are connected with a business in the UK.

Advertise Across The Facebook Family

Because people are using Facebook and Instagram throughout the day, your business can be connected with your audience no matter what time or platform. Advertising across the Facebook family will provide a more efficient outcome for your campaigns.

Facebook Messenger is another way that people and businesses are interacting with one another. 2B automated and people-initiated messages are sent between customers and businesses each month. When surveyed, people said that the felt more positive and trusted the business more when they were able to chat with them.

How Do You Measure Campaigns Across The Facebook Family?

The Facebook Ads Manager shows displays all ad insights including website clicks, reach, cost per result, and result rate. By adding Facebook Pixel to the backend of your website you can track activities on all devices. This allows you to keep track of the real transactional value of your advertising campaign in every stage of the consumer journey.

Agnew ended her workshop by talking about the pros of using Instagram as part of your advertising campaign. The visual story platform is where communities are constantly evolving and engaging. Just like Facebook you can target your ads based on what consumers are interested in, but the format allows for creativity to shine and make your ads look like posts from the brands and people they are following.

Further analysis and commentary from “Growing Your Business with Facebook & Instagram” session:

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