LADbible’s Co-Founder On The Importance Of Being A Socially Responsible Brand



In this fireside conversation, we hear from LADbible Group’s Co-Founder Arian Kalantari about the importance of listening to the youth audience and the publisher’s approach to creating relatable campaigns.

Since launching in 2012, LADbible has become one of the biggest social publishers in the world.

Day two of Social Media Week London started with a fascinating and in-depth conversation with the co-founder of LADbible, Arian Kalantari. Kalantari discussed the origin of LADbible and how it has shifted from a social-first publisher to a global and socially responsible media brand.

The Rise of LADbible

LADbible was started five and half years ago after Kalantari and Alexander “Solly” Solomou graduated University. They didnʼt get their news from traditional media and felt their was an opportunity for them in the social space, which they were obsessed with at the time. Before they had a website, LADbible began as a just a Facebook page with initial fans sending them content and repurposing the content for the page, which helped build up their initial community.

“The momentum of what we were doing really really picked up. You would see the likes, comments, shares, [and] followers growing, said Kalantari. At that time, traditional publishers were changing, which now Kalantari believes we will see the same change happen again to traditional broadcasting moving towards a social- focused content model.

LADbible Focuses On The Data

We learned from [title], Kat Hahnʼs opening keynote session at Social Media Week London that more than 70% of online video is consumed on-the-go. So how is LADbible adjusting to the shift from desktop to mobile? By creating content specifically for the mobile generation.

“Look at the numbers you are achieving and evolve your strategy based off that.”

LADbibile is constant looking at data to evolve their strategy based on how their users are consuming their content. “You have to be open for change in the space,” says Kalantari. They are directed by AI, algorithms and tech, so when Facebook Watch is released and potentially pushers people back to the 10% of users consuming content on their televisions, LADbible will be ready to focus on long-form programming as well.

“Five years ago we had never created piece of video content. Right now we are getting 5 billion video views a month. In five years we had to change our strategy because things change and user behavior is changing as well.”

What Makes LADbible Unique?

A lot has changed in the five and half years since LADbible began as just a Facebook page. Across all platforms, LADbible has 60M followers with 40-45 million unique visitors to the website each month.

LADbible reaches a staggering 1B news feeds per month. Kalantari says that its their mass appeal that makes them unique and they are creating content that is not talking at the audience, but is more like of a conversation with them.

A Socially Responsible Brand

While it hasnʼt always been apart of their DNA, over the last five years, LADbible has evolved into a socially responsible focused brand. “The barrier to entry to make a difference is a lot lower now than it was ten, fifteen years ago,” says Kalantari. LADbible makes an effort to create content that not only resinates with audiences, but sheds a light on subjects and ideas that are not often wildly talked about like the environment and mental health.

In an effort to raise awareness on plastic waste, LADbible launched a campaign to make an area in the Pacific Ocean their own country, so that they could be a part of the United Nations and bring conversations about the environment directly to the people who could effect change. In six days, the campaign reached over 20M people, collected 99,000 signatures, and has been endorsed by celebrities and political figures like Al Gore and Judi Dench.

LADbible has also partnered with the RNLI to create content about the alarming number of deaths of men ages 18-30 who have died in water. They created three documentaryʼs focusing on people who have died or have had near death experiences to raise awareness about the issue.

What surprised LADbible and Kalantari the most about the series was the engagement it received. One of the victimʼs sister commented and said she has received an outpouring of support and girlfriends would tag their boyfriends on the post warning them to be careful the next time they go out with their friends.

Itʼs this type of content that makes LADbible a unique publisher because they are not just focusing on reaching an audience with their content. They are creating real content that is impactful on a local and global level and outsourcing ideas from their community to develop new, creative, and life-changing content.

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