That Lot’s David Schneider and David Levin on The Art of Platform Specificity



The Creative Directors of That Lot provide tips for what works on different platforms.

To succeed on social, you need to understand platforms. If anyone knows platforms its David Schneider and David Levin. They are the Creative Directors of That Lot, a social creative agency with clients such as Channel 4, B&Q, and Nando’s.

Platform specificity and native innovation are absolutely crucial in the work that they do for their clients and it was the subject of their Stage One session at Social Media Week London.

In their hilarious and informative talk, they showed examples of numerous platform-led brands and broadcasters who are crushing it on social and offered tips and for tackling specific platforms in creative and engaging ways.

Social Platforms By The Numbers

Why does the team at That Lot create content specifically for the various social platforms?

  • The average person thumbs through 300 feet of content each day on their social platforms.
  • In the UK, the average person spends 1 hour and 16 minutes on social platforms.

Schneider explains that you have to create content specifically for each platform to stop the thumbs from scrolling.


“500 million people are watching on Facebook every day which is the roughly same amount of people who attended Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration,” joked Schneider.

Levin went on to show examples of what to consider when you are creating content for Facebook.

  • Create more (and more) video
  • The length of the video matters
  • Sound also matters
  • Be relatable

Levin explained how That Lot packages their Facebook content by showing some examples including letterboxed video, creative and eye-catching copy, supercuts, and remixing content. When creating videos for Facebook, Levin recommends designing for sound off and delighting with sound on.

“That’s my first tip. I never tell them I am not David Schwimmer because every follower counts.” – David Schneider

If you want to experiment with Facebook Live and 360º video, Schneider walked through some examples of ways to create that content that is aimed to engage. Use different camera angles, give viewers a prompt, create an interactive poll, or create an immersive Facebook canvas.


250 million Instagram users use Stories every day and the number of Instagram videos produced per day has increased 4x year on year. Levin describes Instagram as a place where businesses can post content and it feels like more like a user is posting it making it more organic and feel less like branded content.

Levin also talks about creating content on Instagram using the Carousel feature, which offers different opportunities for brands to tell a story. While Instagrid makes your profile stand out by creating one large image.


Twitter’s UK user base has grown 11% in the last 18 months to 23.4 million and Schneider spoke at length about the platform that brought he and Levin together in the first place. He explained that tone is crucial when tweeting and it’s important to have a distinct voice and to produce quality material when engaging with your audience.

Keep your content short. Tweets that are under 100 characters statistically have better engagement. If your brand fits in the conversation, join in. Live tweet big events and create content before the event to be used during.

Further analysis and commentary from ‘Creating Social Gold: The Art of Platform Specificity’ session:

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