How People-Based Measurement Can Be A Marketers Best Friend



Measuring true business value has never been more important in understanding the customer journey and running successful advertising campaigns.


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Measuring true business value is one of the biggest challenges marketers and brands face. At #SMWLDN, Kathy Dykeman, Head of Marketing Science for Northern Europe walked attendees through everything you need to understand about how people-based measurement can be a marketers best friend.

Here are some of the key takeaways from Dykeman’ session. You can watch the entire talk by subscribing to SMW Insider.

Dykeman’s role at Facebook is to work with advertisers to help improve ROI. She does this by measuring campaign performance and ad spend.

  • Campaign Performance – Experimenting with different kinds of target audiences, ad units, set-ups and creative to build more effective campaigns.
  • Ad Spend – Understanding more about reach, wastage and Facebook’s auction dynamics.

Why are these aspects important? Because measuring the wrong metrics costs advertisers more and not all measurement methods use the right metrics. Clinks are not the best proxy to measure results. 90% of the people who buy your product don’t click on your ads.

Mobile Video Best Practices

Facebook partnered with MetrixLab to find best practices when it comes to mobile video ads.

  • Incorporate brand identity early (within the first 3 seconds)
  • Show the brand for over half the ad’s duration
  • Make the video as short as it can be or as long as it needs to be
  • Feature the message upfront for those who don’t watch the whole ad

When building a multi platform video ad strategy with Facebook and Instagram, feed-proofed video generates greater breakthrough than non-optimized video. Non-optimized ads are 2X more likely to struggle to breakthrough than feed=proofed ads are.

How To Reduce CPMs

Dykeman spoke about the different campaign dynamics that advertisers can employ to reduce CPMs. When you increase your reach the auction has to work harder, and your CPM will rise.

When you increase the available audience and keep the reach level static, the CPM will decrease and decreasing a CPM while retaining the same performance increases ROAS.

When using creative on both Facebook and Instagram, MetrixLab found that video that works in one feed will work on both feeds, in impact and response across enjoyment, understanding, differentiation and brand fit.

Building for feed also increases viewing metrics. Feed-proofed video is more likely to drive both view duration and completed videos on both Facebook and Instagram.

3 Factors That Determine Viewability

  • Person – Ads must be served to people, not bots
  • Enters Screen – Ad must enter the viewpoint of the screen
  • Duration – Ad must satisfy minimum duration requirements

90% of Facebook display impressions pass fully through the person’s screen.

What Metrics Matter?

Dykeman closed out her session by reiterating what three areas Facebook measures business outcomes.

  • Audience Outcomes – Measure and optimize how you reach your audiences.
  • Brand Outcomes – Measure how your media spend impacts brand objectives.
  • Sales Outcomes – Measure how your media spend impacts sales objectives.

Further analysis and commentary from the “Why Metrics Matter: Understanding the Real Business Value of Scientific Measurement” session:


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