Pinterest Wants SMBs To Connect With Their Top Influencers, Too



The visual discovery platform is making it easier than ever for businesses of all sizes to connect with top creators.

As agencies and tech companies are stepping up their game to make influencer partnerships more turnkey for brands, Pinterest has unveiled a self-serve tool that makes it much easier to partner with its so-called Pin Collective.

The tool was built in collaboration with Popular Pays, a tech company focused on enhancing the ad-building relationship between content creators and brands. Officially introduced on September 19th, some of the first adopters thus far include Adidas Originals and Old Spice according to sources at Digiday.

Two of the more noteworthy features of the tool are that it’s designed and available for businesses of all sizes that use Promoted Pins, spanning big brands to SMBs, and campaigns can be executed in as quickly 10 to 14 days.

So, how exactly does it work and what are the steps to be taken? Per a recent Business Insider report, the process can take two forms, with advertisers having the option to either submit a creative brief to which interested creators will submit applications, or selecting a creator based on their profile and portfolio of projects presented on the tool. In either situation, all communications occur within the platform and Pinterest’s in-house creative team, The Studio, will bare responsibility for overseeing the entirety of the project.

Commenting on the tool, Pinterest’s head of The Studio—Alastair Cotterill—told Business Insider, “It makes it easier to create content designed for the platform, ensure that partner content is of high value and drive business results. It accelerates the process, scales it up and allows us to reach out to smaller advertisers.” In other words, aside from boosting efficiency and improving quality, the tool creates a level playing field having been built recognizing that some creators will inevitably have a larger follower base than others.

While access to platform is free, there are a couple of rules to be aware of, as outlined by Marketing Land sources: the created content must be run as a promoted campaign, and it can’t be used outside of Pinterest. With respect to how creators are paid, brands will negotiate a price with them and issue payment through Popular Pays.

Influencer marketing has grown steadily over the past several years. The practice is maturing, with a growing number of platforms and tech companies building out new tools to automate what was once a very manual and time intensive process. One of the more recent examples we’ve seen is the announcement of Snapchat’s self-serve ad manager this past May.

The move makes sense for Pinterest, a platform in which creators and brands are almost equally integral to the experience. Pinterest is one of the new platforms in which brands and products make up a great deal of the content. Creators are important too, since people look to the platform for inspiration from trusted experts in categories like DIY, fashion and food.

Those interested in using Pin Collective can contact their Pinterest sales rep or email

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