How Shell Reaches Consumers In A Fragmented Media Landscape



Global Head of Digital and Social Media at Shell on how to leverage all consumer touch points in an integrated, consistent and personalized way.

In fireside conversation session, Toby Daniels (Founder & Executive Director, Social Media Week) sat down with Americo Campos Silva, Global Head of Digital and Social Media at Shell to discuss how the global brand is leveraging all consumer touch points in an integrated, consistent, and personalized way across all channels and devices.

As the Global Head of Digital and Social Media at Shell, Americo works across all lines of business, managing all the aspects of digital and social media. When he got his first Shell Group level role with the company he created the Shell Media team, which is responsible for all paid media. He is now head of all digital and social media, but is still connected with his original paid media team.

How Has Shell Adapted To Disruptions In The Industry

Americo considers himself a self learner and has been a constant in his life an especially over the last 20 years professionally.

“Everything changed around our audiences. The way they interacted with media. The way they interacted with brands. But the most genuine customer insights [and] customer knowledge that really allow you to do some great work and to inspire your agencies with briefings, that has not changed,” says Americo.

“We need to be technology agnostic. We need to be social media agnostic and really focus on what are the key consumer insights, the drives that will allow you to come up with some great work.” Americo Campos Silva, Shell

What Has Changed In Consumer Insights Over The Years?

“Today we have a much better understanding of our customer journeys,” says Americo. Shell now has more data points to track engagement and America compares today’s insights as “living in a permanent live market research environment.” When brands use insights they can see how consumers feel about their product or service in real time.

Finding The Right Balance of Reach & Engagement

According to Americo, reaching people is easy as long as you have the money to back you up. It’s finding the right balance between reaching an audience and them in turn engaging with your brand. As a brand you need to go beyond the interruption model of television and engage with the audience.

How Shell Will Incorporate Voice Technology

Americo feels that with advances in voice, particularly Alexa, brands need to be in that space. The technology is so user friendly and simple that it’s the next logical step for brands to make sure that they are integrated in the software.

Further analysis and commentary from “Global Brand Fragmentation: How to Build Multi-Disciplined Capabilities Across an International Marketing Organization” session:


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