How Sky UK Is Engaging Audiences On Multiple Platforms



A panel discussing the evolution of content consumption habits and building audiences across different platforms.

How do brands continue engaging audiences when there are so many different platforms to choose from? During their #SMWLDN, the team at SKY UK led a session on how innovation has allowed people to choose when and where to watch content and how they target their audience by proving them with content to engage with.

The panel featured David Gibbs (Digital Director, Sky Sports & Sky News), Stephen Hutchison (Deputy Managing Director, Fuse), Matt Heiman (Founder, Diagonal View), Laura Woods (Sports Presenter, Sky Sports) and was moderated by Toby Daniels (Founder & Executive Director, Social Media Week)

How Does Sky Drive Engagement?

Before the panel started, Matt Heiman, Founder of Diagonal View, walked attendees through a case study from one of their most popular channels, Football Daily. Heiman explained how the company learned how to reach fans by testing out a specific point of view, collecting data, and then using that data to create new channels and target specific audiences.

Test point of view

Heiman showed an example of a a post addressing a large audience (football fans), offered a unique point of view on a particular subject (Does Ronaldo want to quit Real Madrid?) and created a talking point, which turns into engagement and data.

Leverage audience feedback & data

The feedback received from the post provided Football Daily with comments, which could be turned around and made into interesting comments. It also added value to the property and created a conversation around the topic with real humans.

Refine/establish a tone of voice

When they receive this feedback and data they can go back and redefine their voice and establish a tone for future posts creating a reason for the fans of the initial post to come back.

Drive relevant audience interaction

Showed another example post this time giving fans the chance to vote on their favorite player. It made Football Daily an open forum for comments. It kept track of the percentage of what people voted for which allowed their social team to let fans know when their player was winning or losing causing more engagement to erupt on the post.

Deliver a commercial opportunity

They would then take all the data they have gathered from their different fan bases, the established audience and their unique tone of voice in the market and use their partnership with Sky to bring a brand on and create original content. It keeps the audience engaged while making money for the company.

Learning at scale / Leverage data and audience

The Football Daily team then took all the data that they have learned about their audience and started created fragmented segments for their content to target specific groups of fans. By using these steps, European Daily now has as many followers as Football Daily did 12 months prior.

Where Do Agencies Fit In This New Content Creation Equation?

Stephen Hutchison, Deputy Managing Director at Fuse views his role as connecting brands with the things that people are passionate about.

At Fuse, the believe that action creates impact. If you’re a brand in this space you have to be doing something meaningful for your fans.

How Does Time Factor Into Distributing Content?

“It depends on the type of content we are producing,” says Gibbs. The social teams at Sky are constantly looking for new ways to bring in an audience. If an event is happening live they are finding the right moment to capitalize on to repurpose and draw people in.

They also use different platform to continue that story and to find different audiences. You need to give audiences a chance to voice their opinion.

Further analysis and commentary from “Love the Brand: Evolution of Content Consumption Habits” session:


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