Drive Your Consumers To Act With Pinterest’s Visual Discovery



Pinterest’s Head of Global Marketing Communications and Industry Relations on how brands can leverage Pinterest’s tools to enhance the consumer experience and drive real business results.


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Pinterest has changed the way we discover new products. At #SMWLDN, Pinterest Head of Global Marketing, Communications, and Industry Relations Eric Edge addressed how the shopping experience has changed and that Pinterest is moving toward personalized discovery because customers expect the same experience on their mobile device that they received in person at a store.

Even with technology at our fingertips, 98 percent of purchases still happen in store. Keeping that in mind, Pinterest isn’t a final destination. It’s the beginning of a journey. To demonstrate the path a Pinterest user goes on before they purchase a product, Edge uses a wheel. The steps are inspire, discover, evaluate, and act.

How does Pinterest guide users along that journey?

1. Inspiration To Action

Companies need to embrace customers who multi-screen. These customers see something on television and then search online for more information. If you focus simply on people who discover your product online, you will miss the big picture.

2. Visual technology.

Pinterest is visual and enables users to find images similar to their known interests. Several aspects of the platforms functionality are particularly user friendly. Pinterest users are instantly able to pull up visually relevant photos, specifically one’s that are similar to one they are already interested in. They can also click on an object, such as a pillow, and find out where online they can get that object. The lens feature uses image recognition to find items like the one shown in a photo the user took.

3. Good work drives results

Pinterest’s mission is to drive, not just inspiration, but also to fuel the ability to take action. The site makes it easy for companies to share ideas that help spark creativity and inspire ideas that are achievable.

A good pin is visually arresting, inspiring, and actionable. For example, Valspar has the ability to analyze a user’s board and create a personal color pallet.

4. Measuring the Right Things

Move behind last click. Pinterest is one part of a cohesive marketing strategy. Measure your success in incrementality, specifically how growth is occurring in relation to your marketing strategy.

By working with Pinterest, FMG Brands was able to achieve some impressive numbers.

  • 5x more in-store sales than industry average
  • 2x sales lift from earned media
  • 12 percent more likely to buy after engagement
  • Customers are 5.8x more likely to convert after clicking.

The bottom line is that creating interesting and relevant content with your brand will translate into engagement loyalty and results.

Further analysis and commentary from “How to Use Visual Discovery to Inspire Consumers to Act” session:

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