How To Use Visually Smart Advertising On Pinterest



Pinterest Creative Director & Strategist on effective ways to reach audiences through visually smart advertising on Pinterest.

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More than 175 million people use Pinterest to share and discover ideas with one another. It’s a unique platform in which it delivers actionable inspiration tailored to the users unique tastes and interests. This is a great opportunity for brands to give their customers what they want before they even know they want it.

In her #SMWLDN workshop, Karen Bloom showed attendees unique and effective ways to reach audiences through smart advertising on Pinterest and shared tips and tricks to help understand and develop full-funnel campaigns that drive results.

The Obstacle Course Buyer’s Journey

The average consumer doesn’t just buy the new iPhone because it’s new, they want to see what is different in this year’s model, how much it will cost, and what early reviews say about the product. When consumers make purchases, especially important ones, they usually don’t grab the first thing that they see. Consumers want to see their options, compare prices, check reviews and ask questions.

At Pinterest, they plant the desire for their products into the heads of their users before they have even considered it. 88% of Pinterest’s users (or “Pinners”) to discover new ideas, while 87% of Pinners purchased something because of Pinterest. That’s a staggering amount of users that are discovering new brands and purchasing products from them. So how can make your brand succeed on Pinterest?

Arrive Early

Holiday shopping does not start on Black Friday. In fact, people start their holiday shopping on Pinterest in April now. Year after year, the holiday season on Pinterest gets bigger and Pinners start searching twice as early as users of other platforms. But unlike other platforms, Pinterest helps Pinners decide where to shop and what to purchase.

Stay Relevant

Unlike most social platforms, Pinterest make it easy for their Pinners to find and save content. When you Google something you are getting answers to objective questions. Pinterest answers subjective questions. By 2016, Pinterest have assembled over 100 billion ideas that are personalized for every Pinner like finding a new recipe or redecorating their home and those relevant interests can be targeted by brands.

Look Captivating

Brands that are using Pinterest to reach their customers need to focus on starting conversations with them. A pin should be a canvas and not just a place to post a link. Think of different ways for your feed to stand out visually to get Pinner’s attention. Create Cinematic Pins to make your pins stand out by adding motion to them.

Inspire & Educate

Personalize your pins to stand out from other brands. Use the Pinterest API to create personalized boards that shows off your brand or product. Tap into what Pinners are saving when it comes to your brand and recommend content based off their interest.

Be Doable

Give Pinners an idea that they can actually do. Good pins are ideas, but the best pins make it easy to take action.

Further analysis and commentary from “Give The People What They Didn’t Know They Wanted” session:

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