Why VR Will Make Social Media Become More Social



Creative Director of UNIT9 on the potentials of VR right now and in the near future.

“VR is not cool anymore.”

What seemed like a strange way to start a discussion dedicated to the immersive technology, Henry Cowling, Creative Director of UNIT9, followed this claim by reassuring audiences that VR is still new and that we are just starting to get good at.

The current way that consumers view VR, through large, clunky, and unappealing product like the Samsung Gear VR, is what Cowling believes is stopping VR from becoming the most social of all medias.

Virtual FOMO

Right now the potential for VR is massive. Musicians like Björk and Run The Jewels are creating music videos made exclusively for VR. Brands are using the technology to give consumers a chance to see products virtually.

But VR is not just for brands and public figures, tech giants like Facebook, who bought Oculus Rift for $2B three years ago, has created their version of social VR.

VR provides the following social canvasses:

  1. The Virtual World – With Facebook Spaces, you can connect with your friends in virtual space. While video games developers are using VR to build lifelike interactive worlds for users.
  2. The Physical World – AR technology (like Pokemon Go) are giving users the ability to see and interact with virtual objects in the physical world.
  3. The User – The recent announcement of the Apple iPhone X and Animojis gives a glimpse of what VR and AR will look like for users in the very near future.

Advice To Brands

Before ending his session, Cowling gave three pieces of advice to brands who are looking to make 3D content and experiment with VR and AR.

  1. Jump on the bandwagon with the latest trends in VR and AR.
  2. Or…don’t jump on the bandwagon and wait and see if the trend has lasting appeal.
  3. Make Animojis of your logo/product/mascot as quickly as possible.

Further analysis and commentary from the “Why VR Will Be the Most Social of All Media” session:

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