So I’ve Grown My Facebook Page. Now What?



Use these tips and you’ll be a Facebook pro in no time!

Somebody asked this important question on r/social media recently, and it’s easy to understand why. There’s almost too much advice out there on how to grow your Facebook business page from scratch, but not a lot on what to do after you’ve grown your Facebook audience.

So, by this point (ideally) you’ve grown a large enough targeted fan base naturally. You may have done this by setting up a strong page with quality images and an interesting bio, posting a range of relevant content, promoting your page with Facebook ads and on your website etc.

But a Facebook following is no use for your company if you don’t know where to go from there.

So, now what?

Know Your Objective

There’s a reason you built up a Facebook page for your business. It’s not just there for the lols (unless you run a meme site or something). That reason could be one or more of the following:

  • to drive traffic to your website
  • to promote your products
  • to create brand loyalty
  • to reduce marketing costs etc.

Obviously, you can’t just share one type of post on Facebook unless you want to be unfollowed quicker than you can say hey big spammer! Your Facebook editorial calendar should of course be varied.

Your social calendar might look something like this:

via CoSchedule

Yet, you should spend more time and energy on the types of posts that relate to your main objective, and less time and energy on other content.

For instance, if you want create brand loyalty, you should focus on polls and questions for your audience (the results of which you can use to improve your brand). If your objective is to promote your products then you should focus on your brand’s native videos and so on.

Don’t forget to direct your fans to where you want them to go with the call to action button. You can add a link to your product page or booking page, it doesn’t have to be to your homepage.

Monitor Your Page

You should continue to monitor your Facebook page consistently. Look at how much engagement your posts get (especially those related to your main objectives) in terms of timings and frequency.

Your schedule or editorial calendar needs to be flexible. As you monitor your page and change up the order of your posts according to engagement and popularity, your schedule will never be set in stone.

There are cheat sheets aplenty out there which show you the optimal time to post on Facebook. According to CoSchedule, posting at 1pm gets you the most shares and 3pm gets you the most likes.

via CoSchedule

There’s data to back up these kinds of claims. But you need to be monitoring what actually happens on your own page as well. What if your audience are caffeine-fuelled freelancers who stay awake half the night (me), and mostly like your posts at 1am. You just don’t know until you monitor your own page.

You can monitor your Facebook page, of course, by looking at the Insights section. That’s where you can see the reach of your posts and engagements. There are even nice little tables for you to look at to analyse your results.

Lots of marketers use tools such as Hootsuite to monitor, optimize and schedule social media posts. It may be worth giving the free trial a go. If it doesn’t work for you then just delete your account before they make you pay. If it does work – ace.

Continue To Grow

Once you have an established audience, you’ll want to keep them and get more.

You can keep a tight hold on your audience if you keep publishing more of the stuff that they like. And how do you know what they like? By monitoring your page, as we’ve already discussed. There’s no harm in throwing something fresh into the mix here and there to see how it performs though.

Another way to retain your Facebook audience is to speak to your followers – respond to their comments and questions. According to a 2017 survey from Sprout Social, brands only respond to their social audience 12% of the time, which quite frankly is rubbish. So, set yourself apart from other ignorant brands and engage with your Facebook fan base.

Just don’t be shady or get into arguments. This is what consumers want from brands:

via Sprout Social

It goes without saying that you need to keep up momentum, using strategies that have worked for you in the past in order to keep on growing your Facebook audience.

Learn The Advanced Tricks

You’ve slogged and done the hard part in growing and promoting your Facebook page. So if you think you’ve got your Facebook marketing strategy down, you can tweak it and fine tune it by moving up to the advanced class.

One example of a more tailored and advanced approach is to use Facebook’s targeting tools for your posts. Switch on audience optimization for posts under settings. Then you will see a bullseye symbol underneath every post, which you click on to set audience metrics i.e. you choose who can see the post by age, location, interests etc as you would with Facebook ads.

via HubSpot


The idea is to keep learning about how you can make the most of your Facebook business page. The pro way to do that – keep up to date with changes made to the platform by reading Facebook’s blog.

Summing Up

If you’ve managed to grow a large targeted audience for your Facebook page, you shouldn’t just stop all of the good work you’ve been carrying out and direct your attention elsewhere. Keep making improvements to your page and extending your reach to attract even more followers.

Use your Facebook page with your brand’s main objectives in mind. That’s how to get the most out of your page. Keep learning and bettering your approach as you go along, and don’t forget to stay up to date with any changes to the platform. Use these tips and you’ll be a Facebook pro in no time!

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