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Everyone should take advantage of the engagement possibilities that Cover Videos have to offer.

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Recently, Facebook rolled out the Facebook cover videos feature for pages – a development that according to Facebook helps brands “create more engaging interactions” and richer experiences for audiences by letting you put the spotlight on your creative content in the page’s most prominent space—its cover.

Because of the sheer size of the space it occupies, the cover is more than likely the first thing that users will focus their attention on. There is little doubt to Facebook videos’ effectivity. One survey found that 60 percent of consumers watch branded videos on Facebook every day, while 64 percent of users said that a marketing video on Facebook has helped influence a purchase decision in the last month alone.

As such, it only makes sense that Facebook finally moved from just having a static image, and into allowing for cover videos. Apart from readily offering more engaging interactions, Facebook cover videos allow you to tell new visitors what your brand is all about in just a few seconds. Cover videos are on autoplay, giving your page a chance to quickly hold a visitor’s attention while engaging with them right off the bat.

How To Upload

Just like how you would upload a cover photo on your personal profile, you just hover your mouse over the cover image and you’ll see an option to “Change Cover.” It’s important to know that currently, you can only upload a cover video through a computer.

Required video specs and key points to keep in mind:

  • Facebook only allows for cover videos between 20 and 90 seconds long.
  • Resolution should be 1080p. Facebook crops cover videos to 820 x 462 pixels, so as a tip – make sure to centralize the important images and text on your video, to keep it within frame.
  • Make sure that your videos are able to relay the message even without sound on as they will be auto-played on mute. As well, cover videos will be played on loop by default, so it’s best to keep that in mind to avoid awkward transitions. A logo/title at the beginning and end of the video should be able to ease the transition. But, if you don’t want it to be on loop, there’s an option to turn the automatic replay off.

Once you successfully uploaded your video, you can drag and drop to reposition the video (just like how you used to with static images). Then, once you’ve repositioned your video, choose a thumbnail for your cover video. While cover videos were designed to be on autoplay, those with low bandwidth (or for some other reason) may only see your video’s thumbnail.

Once you’re set, just click publish and you’re done.

How to Use Facebook Cover Videos

As with all video content, you can use it in a plethora of ways to engage your audience. But if you’re looking for creative inspiration, you can try the following:

Showcase what you do

Whether it’s providing a glimpse of your portfolio, or quickly teaching people how your product/service works, Facebook cover videos provide an excellent way to do so quickly, and in a readily engaging manner. You can even close out the video with contact information, which can serve as a call-to-action in itself – as Kim Winey Photography does in its cover video.


It doesn’t always have to be centrally about your product/service, as social media management platform Hootsuite does. In their video, they teach people about what social media ROI is, and what it could mean for businesses. It’s not exactly about what they do, but it provides useful information to their customers – providing value just by visiting their Facebook page.

Show off your company

You can also give audiences a behind-the-scenes look at your company as Buffer did. Their cover video shows off their team both at work and play. This humanizes their company and immediately offering audiences a connection in a simple, yet creative way.

Best Practices

Walt Disney World
It doesn’t always have to be an actual video, as Walt Disney World does in advertising its new park expansion—Pandora. Enticing people to come to a “world beyond belief,” Walt Disney World used animation instead of a regular video. It works great in this case because the animation renders its cover image with a magical touch. Totally on brand!


It’s not like Netflix’s massively popular series needed the hype. But that’s exactly what they were able to accomplish in 34 seconds with the Narcos cover video. The top-notch production didn’t show any scenes from the season, but did its job in teasing fans about it. And as one of the first cover videos to appear on Facebook, it set the bar really high.

Animatron Wave

Social video creation app Animatron Wave did an excellent job of showing exactly what their product does, what they subsequent work will look like, and the many benefits of using their app—all in 30 seconds.

Animatron’s Facebook cover video makes creating social videos look so easy, that audiences tend to become hard pressed not to want to find out more, and try the app for themselves. That’s everything can want in a cover video.



It’s hard to understand what took Facebook this long to introduce the cover video feature. But now that it’s here, everyone should take advantage of the many engagement possibilities it offers. Facebook cover videos allow you to communicate to audiences instantly. Now, all you need to do is bring them to your page with your effective facebook marketing strategy.
Create your own cover video today, and discover the many ways it can help your brand.


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