Facebook Delivers On Its New Mission With New Admin and Member Features For Groups



What’s new in Groups? We break it down for you here.


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Facebook recently took to its blog to introduce several new updates for Groups. The changes are designed to help admins more effectively manage and grow their communities, and facilitate more authentic engagement among members.

The announcement came just days after news broke that Facebook had acquired the teen-friendly compliment app, tbh.

Additionally, since its first-ever Communities Event Summit, the company has been pushing efforts surrounding its new mission statement, which emphasizes bridging connections and facilitating “meaningful” communities with mutual interests and causes at their core.

To date, these have included admin tools providing membership filtering, content clean-up, post-scheduling, and group-linking abilities. Insights, a data dashboard where admins can monitor group growth and activity in real-time, has also been introduced.

The overarching goal? Increasing positive interactions and eliminating the bad ones.

Building off of this concept, here’s a breakdown of the latest new features to be announced:

Welcome Posts

Previously, admins had to write a post and manually tag each new member they wanted to welcome to the group. Now, they can simply write their post and new joiners will automatically be tagged.


As groups grow, it can become chaotic and hard to keep up with who is who. With badges, admins, moderators, and members can identify one another without the hassle and confusion.

Member Profiles

To help members more quickly get to know one another, member profiles can be created. These include introductory information about each member, such as when they joined and which mutual friends you share. Profiles will also include an activity feed, so if two members are both interested in or going to the same event, it’s easier to sync up IRL.

Comment Controls

For cases where removing an entire post is unnecessary, Facebook is offering admins the capability to temporarily switch off an individual member’s ability to comment on threads if they aren’t abiding by the rules. Along similar lines, if a given admin manages multiple groups with a common problem-causing member, they can remove them from all their groups with just one click as opposed to having to manually remove them from each one.

“We’ve learned so much from working with group admins already, and this is just the beginning. There’s a lot more work to be done and we look forward to continuing to build the tools they need to bring the world closer together,” Alex Deve, Product Management Director at Facebook, said in the post.

In the spirit of collecting feedback, according to TechCrunch, the company is also starting an invite-only Group for admins to offer their thoughts and share their experiences.

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