How To Use YouTube Cards In Your Videos



YouTube card enables you to create a clickable call to action that encourages users to respond.


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Are you looking for ways to increase more views? Are you interested in improving your YouTube marketing? YouTube card enables you to create a clickable call to action that encourages users to respond.

This article is a guide for you to use YouTube cards in your videos to get real Youtube Views.

What are YouTube Cards?

YouTube Cards are a way to make your YouTube videos more interactive. These are solutions for driving actionable results from your video content. The cards can appear at any point in your video. It can contain images and outside links.

5 Steps to Add YouTube Cards to Your Video

Follow these steps to get real YouTube views:

  • Step 1: Go to your YouTube Video Manager and search the video you wish to add a card to. Then click on edit under the video‚Äôs title.
  • Step 2: You can see Cards tab in the top navigation bar, click the Cards tab.
  • Step 3: Now you can create a new YouTube Card which you can add to your video. All you have to do is to click Add Card and then click the Create button on the right side of the video.
  • Step 4: After that, you will be asked to fill in the necessary details in order to create the card. For instance, if you choose the Channel dialogue box, you must enter the channel URL, teaser text or a custom message.
  • Step 5: After adding the card to your video, you can adjust when the card will be shown in the video. Just drag the card on the time marker below the video to the point where you want the card to appear.

You can add four more cards to the video after adding the first card. Keep in mind to watch the video before you publish. In this way, you will ensure that the card appears where you want them to.

How to Use YouTube Cards in Your Videos

YouTube cards are used in a variety of ways. They can be used to drive sales for a product, leads to a page or get YouTube views. The YouTube card must be placed at a point that may direct the users somewhere else. It is better to place towards the end as you want the viewers to watch your video.

You must only place cards that might send users to a landing page on relevant videos. In case the video is not relevant, send the users to the second video.

If the users have subscribed to your YouTube channel, they will be notified whenever you upload a video. You can use YouTube cards to send users to the nest video in the series. As a result of this, you might get best YouTube views. You can use polls for an interactive experience and encourage engagement. It assists you in gathering opinions on what content viewers want to see.

Whether you are sending users to your next video or using poll, YouTube cards are strong tools for getting the best YouTube views.

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