Why Your Brand Is Failing At Social Media



Jason Peterson (Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, Havas) kicked off Wednesday of Social Media Week Chicago with a discussion on why your social media probably sucks.

Social media and advertising seems to fall in the same department within most companies. But brands are struggling more and more to keep up with the ever-changing pace of social media. A lot of content that brands put out is not relating to consumers when they scroll through their feed. Why is this?

Jason M Peterson (Chairman and Chief Creative Officer at Havas) kicked off Wednesday of Social Media Week Chicago with a discussion on why your social media probably sucks.

Don’t Wear A Tuxedo To A Beach Party

While every brand is on social media, according to Peterson, a lot of them are doing it all wrong. They’re the socially awkward party attenders. They’re wearing a tuxedo to a beach party.

Social media is not advertising – social media is social. When Snapchat first came out, brands were looking to expand their reach with the new popular platform. Now, they’ve shied away from it because they do not understand how to make it work for their product. In order to make these new, trendy platforms work for your brand, it is important to understand the culture within the specific type of social media.

Creatives Vs. Creators

Successful brands do not hire copywriters and art directors. Peterson focuses on hiring the best creators on social media platforms to work within his creative department. And it works. We are in the middle of a creative revolution where all you need is your iPhone and the correct platform to create groundbreaking content.

With all of these changes, why is the advertising agency stuck in such a rut? They’re still dropping millions on commercials that people don’t watch and investing time in strategies that are outdated. As content creation changes, brands storytelling and advertising strategies need to change with it.

If your brand does not understand culture, it will not succeed.

If You Don’t Understand Social Media, Hire Someone Who Does

When Peterson looks for someone to hire within his company, he looks first at their social media. This new art is one that needs to be practiced and perfected within a brand. With his new project, The Annex, he’s combined culture and advertising in an innovative way. The events that The Annex holds are first-hand market research and a contemporary approach to advertising and social media outreach.

With this content creation breaking new ground every day, advertising needs to be able to keep up with these ever-changing models. Unfortunately, our industry is failing to do so. With the help of influencers, social media stars, and people who live and breath this new art form, we can dominate these platforms in an inventive way.

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