Here’s What You Can Expect From Facebook’s Business-Friendly Messenger Updates



Messenger Platform 2.2 comes equipped with a variety of customer chat features and improved engagement tools.

Businesses, meet Messenger Platform 2.2.

Facebook recently announced its latest suite of additions to its messaging service, emphasizing that the changes were largely informed by feedback provided by the developer community.

Per Facebook, the overarching goal of the new, more business-centric, version of Messenger is to “help developers and businesses reach their customers in new and engaging ways, improve the quality of their unique messaging experiences and make it easier to build and iterate on the Messenger Platform.”

Here’s a run-down of what’s new:

Customer Chat Plug-In

One of the major benefits of the customer chat plugin, currently remaining in a closed beta stage, is the option to carry out a conversation across multiple platforms. This means that businesses will have the option to begin a conversation with a business on their website, but maintain the context and history by being able to transition seamlessly from the web to devices like mobile phones and tablets.

Per the announcement, the plugin also supports additional, currently existing capabilities, including natural language processing, payments and rich media, with more to come down the road.

Media template

With this feature, businesses can better guarantee engagement that is instant. How? Through attaching a CTA like a “share” button to web content, including Facebook URLs, in addition to videos, images, and GIFs. Previously, the company only had the option to send these types of items in a standalone fashion.

Broadcast API

For businesses that have the specific permission, (pages_messaging_subscriptions) this update enables multiple alerts to pushed out to subscribers with just a single API (application programming interface) request.

Page-Level Feedback

Facebook is addressing the hassle of managing feedback for those businesses who power their Messenger from multiple service providers with a page-level feedback addition. Specifically, all feedback will be condensed and accessible by clicking on “Page Settings” then selecting “Messenger,” making it easy to stay on top of what is working and what needs improvement when it comes to the Messenger experience.

Additional updates include expanded language support for built-in NPL, new message tags, and a message type flag requirement for all API requests. Further, the company has made its Handover Protocol available globally and added additional metrics to Messaging Insights API.

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