Say Goodbye To The 24-Hour Time Limit For Your Instagram Stories Content



Instagram now allows users to throw it back to old posts. (Yep, just like Snapchat.)


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In what seems like an update that should have taken place a long time ago, you can now upload anything from your smartphone’s Camera Roll to your Instagram stories.

The news follows on the heels of the release of the Archive Tool back in June, and feels a lot like an existing feature from Snapchat, which allows you to relive (and reshare) your ephemeral posts from the past.

Per the company’s official blog announcement, there’s no uploading tricks or hacks with the update, just swipe up once you’re in Stories to access photos taken in the last 24 hours or prior.

You can also access your photos via the gallery icon. Scroll until you’ve found the photo you want to upload, tap, edit to your liking, then add to your story. (Obviously, this is much simpler than having to go through the process of re-saving, screenshotting, or editing a photo so it becomes “new” in your library.)

For photos more than a day old, you’ll now also see a sticker option to which can be rotated or resized. These date stickers can be removed before you share the image to your story, but their purpose is to benefit you, namely by giving you an easy way to provide additional context surrounding the photo to your followers.

According to The Verge, since the launch of Stories in 2016, the app has seen an exceptional rate of growth. To be specific, 200 million daily users were added as of September 2017.

Meanwhile, DAU growth for competitor Snapchat has seemingly hit a stalemate. Just last quarter, the company reported adding only 4.5 million new users, significantly lower than what analysts had projected. However, new reports, like this one from Business Insider, are surfacing claiming the platform major redesign up his sleeve centered on an algorithmic timeline–and update we could see as soon as early December.

The move seems smart with both marketers and users standing to benefit with the enhanced flexibility and creativity. For general users, some speculate that this could create two separate Insta groups (#divideandconquer) that are active for different reasons, with one focusing on utilizing the ability to post older items and another that will stick to the tried and true fleeting feed.

The feature is now available for iOS users who’ve upgraded to Instagram version 22 and version 18 on Android.

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