Why Shorter Videos Are Not Always Better



Erika Barth (Head of Performance Marketing, Edelman Digital Chicago), discusses when to use content partnerships to make longer, meaningful videos that can drive traffic and better social engagement to brands social media platforms.

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With data and new resources constantly preaching that shorter is always better when it comes to video on social platforms, brands and creators are wondering if there is still room for longer videos. The attention span of the average user is supposedly shorter and harder to capture than ever.

In a Tuesday session of Social Media Week Chicago, Erika Barth, Head of Performance Marketing for Edelman Digital Chicago, discusses when to use content partnerships to make longer, meaningful videos that can drive traffic and better social engagement to brands social media platforms.

How To Create Engaging Longer Videos

Within in the next couple of years, video is going to be 80% of internet traffic. And according to a Microsoft study, global consumers’ attention spans are down to 8 seconds. Does this mean shorter is the only way? Not necessarily.

If a brand can create a longer video that can engage its audience, then it can be an effective tool in encouraging social engagement. One way to do this is through sponsored content and working with influencers. This would mean a brand partnering with a publication to create something that resembles their typical editorial content. Being able to create this longer content with influencers can be very impactful.

What To Consider When Working With A Publisher

When choosing the right publisher, it is important to consider what your specific brand wants to accomplish. There are three steps you should take when partnering with a publisher.

  1. Select the right partner. There are so many different publishers that it can be intimidating trying to find the right one. Make your criteria clear. Does this publishers tone fit your brand?
  2. Don’t overlook the details. It’s easy to get excited and forget to ask important questions. How do they drive traffic to their site? How does their creative process work? How involved will you get to be in the creative process? Do you have licensing rights? Where can you post this content? Be ready to ask these questions beforehand so that there are no surprises down the road.
  3. Be prepared to collaborate. Publishers know their audience and what their audience wants. Let them bring ideas to the table. It needs to be something that works for your brand but will still relate to their audience.

Using publishers and influencers can create a sense of authenticity for a brand.  Longer content can start conversations and influence consumers to take action. Working with publishers and influencers can help brands consider new possibilities and ideas. There’s still a place in our world for longer videos. Shorter can be more effective when trying to reach a mass audience, but longer videos can be more effective in driving a deeper engagement.

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