4C Shares Their Best Marketing Practices For An Evolving Media Landscape



At #SMWCHICAGO, Aaron Goldman (CMO, 4C) explored the ever-changing nature of social media channels and shared best practices from leading marketers.

At Social Media Week Chicago, 4C’s Chief Marketing Officer, Aaron Goldman, sat down with VP of Social Media for Havas Media Group, Liz Brock, Chief Marketing Officer for Resolution Media, Viji Davis, Senior Director for Merkle, Emily Kramer, and U.S. President for Performics, Scott Shamberg, to discuss the current state of social media and best practices for utilizing the various channels to enhance marketing efforts.

The importance of platform specificity

The panel as a whole agreed that lumping all social media together does brands a disservice because people interact with each one in a different way. In order to really connect with consumers, marketers and advertisers need to think about the role of each specific platform as they are all very distinct tools.

For example, Pinterest is used as a discovery tool to help users with tasks such as planning projects or outfits and finding recipes. In contrast, and despite being labeled a social channel, LinkedIn is used to portray one’s professional background and establish a business network.

Examples aside, the key takeaway here is that instead of treating social media as one medium, marketers should strive to regularly identify how a certain channel aligns with their company’s overall business objectives and design content around those goals appropriately. That being said, it’s also important to think about how the different social media platforms complement each other.

Viewing platforms as experience engines

Viji Davis underscored that it’s most helpful and effective to view social media platforms as experience engines with efforts centering on the users. Her company, Resolution Media, tracks these platforms from their creation to when they reach the mid-tier, which is why companies start partnering with social media platforms to create unique media experiences based on consumer interaction and behavior patterns.

Scott Shamberg added to this point by explaining that marketers also need to look at social media platforms from a commerce perspective. Specifically, he highlighted that marketers need to treat each social media outlet as a “performance media channel,” meaning each has the potential to drive performance through user engagement.

Brands need to always be engaging

The importance of brands to engage in the digital landscape, social media especially, is not going anywhere. In fact, recent stats show that social advertising, otherwise referred to as paid social, is expected to grow three-fold in the next five years. In 2016 alone, companies spent $36 billion on ads. Currently, this number is forecasted to increase to $101.4 million in 2021.

Further, many brands are shifting from traditional media, such as TV, to social advertising because it’s cheaper and they get the same result with respect to audience penetration. Nonetheless, it seems that TV isn’t being replaced by social, rather companies are utilizing both as part of a holistic marketing strategy and funnel. That is, social is simply giving brands new, more innovative ways to connect with consumers. A prominent example of this is targeted ads seen on Facebook.

What it boils down to is a general theme of synergy. Social media platforms should work together as opposed to compete with TV and other traditional outlets in order to achieve a brand’s overall business objective, much the same way as separate pieces of a puzzle ultimately come together to create a finished image.

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