How To Give Your “Boring” Brand A Fun Social Voice



Just because you sell a product that’s perceived as unexciting doesn’t mean your brand voice has to be.


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For some brands, social media marketing comes easy. The companies boast fun products or services, such as yogurt or pet grooming, or share recipes or pictures and become instant social media rock stars. The likes and comments skyrocket; consumers interact with the brand; and, most important of all, people buy yogurt or schedule an appointment for their furry friends.

Your company, though, might not offer such glamorous or entertaining products. Maybe you own a lawn service or sell something as utilitarian as toilet paper or tin foil. You might begin to wonder if social media is off limits because your brand seems so “boring.”

Just because you sell a product that’s perceived as unexciting doesn’t mean your brand voice has to speak in a mind-numbing monotone. With the following five tips, you can develop a vibrant social media voice that attracts new audiences and convinces them to buy from you.

1. Figure out the why

If you want to generate clicks through social media, you should first contemplate why people buy your product or service. Answering the question requires settling into your consumers’ mindset.

Your product convinces some people to make a purchase. Why? What makes it a better choice than your competitors’ products? The answers to those questions will inform you how to converse with people on social media. They’ll also affect your other marketing, advertising, and sales initiatives. As an example, if you manufacture an eco-friendly tin foil, its greenness could be the reason people choose you over another brand.

2. Reflect on your history

Think about why you got into business in the first place. Maybe you wanted to help people care for their lawns. Perhaps you hoped to make a product or service accessible to a different demographic.

Whatever the reason, let it influence how you speak on social media. Use your history, too. Some “boring” brands use #TBT posts, showcasing where they came from and where they are now. Borrow the idea to add a little spark to your social media marketing.

3. Embrace your quirky side

Almost everybody claims a “weird” hobby or obsession. For some, it’s Star Wars or Marvel. Other people fawn over coffee or golf. Think about your brand and its founders. Some of you likely have a unique interest or two.

Now, find where that quirkiness and your business meet. You might not be able to get away with a social media post devoted to Star Wars exclusively, but a Star Wars quote used to promote a product is another story, perhaps one found in a galaxy far, far away.

4. Champion your inner Bill Nye

People like Bill Nye because he makes science understandable. He also conducts live science experiments and applies science to real-world scenarios. But neither of those things completely explains people’s love for him. The explanation rests in who Nye is. He’s a complete nerd, and he showcases the quality every time he takes the screen.

You can do something similar with your brand voice. Find an employee who gets unreasonably excited about your product. Next, put them on camera, asking them to either talk about the product itself or demonstrate how to use the product in real-life situations. Publish the videos on YouTube and other social channels, and watch as consumer interest and engagement tick upward.

5. Talk like a human

The secret to social media success? Talk like a human. Humans enjoy being treated as humans. If you sound like a human rather than a robot, people will listen.

They will also start to see your brand as transparent and authentic, qualities that build rapport and trust. Those characteristics, in turn, persuade people to buy from you rather than a competitor. Developing that reputation doesn’t require complex mathematics or algorithms. All you need is to respond to consumers’ questions, join in online conversations, and talk about others more than yourself.

Social media is never out of reach, not even if you sell a “boring” product. With the advice shared here, you can develop a unique brand voice that raises awareness, builds loyalty, and increases sales.

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