5 Questions With Anda Gansca, CEO & Founder, Knotch



Continuing our SMWNYC interview series, we sat down with Forbes 30 Under 30 alum Anda Gansca, CEO & Co-Founder of Knotch.


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Anda Gansca, CEO & Co-Founder of the measurement platform Knotch, joins SMWNYC to share her perspectives on the critical role data must play in branded content efforts and how her company is partnering with brands like GE, JPMorgan Chase, Unilever, and Cole Haan to identify their most effective publisher-partners.

We recently caught up with Anda to learn about where Knotch fits into the market and what we can expect to learn from her at SMWNYC in April.

SMW: Tell us about how Knotch was born and how the product has evolved since launching?

ANDA GANSCA: My goal in founding and growing Knotch has always been to make using the internet a better experience by enabling marketers to have a more direct and considerate relationship with their audiences. We improve their ability to listen and take action based on their audiences’ behavior and feedback to their content efforts. What began as a desire to understand how people felt about online content has evolved into a multi-faceted tool that allows marketers to understand their branded content investment at every angle, and use that knowledge to be more engaging, more effective and more personal in the way that they leverage content marketing.

SMW: What is it about Knotch that is attracting the attention of some of the most recognized global players in publishing and branded content?

AG: The largest brands spend the most on content, and they’re eager to measure the effectiveness and get better at planning this content. When you’re spending millions of dollars on paid content marketing, using a product like Knotch to identify patterns and adjust in real-time is going to pay for itself in the increased effectiveness of the content marketing. We help these companies avoid a “spray-and-pray” approach that’s a waste of their budgets.

Image via Knotch

SMW: Knotch recently held its annual branded content awards. Who were some of the big winners?

AG: We were blown away this year by the creativity, production value and ambition of all of our winners and honorees, so it’s tough to spotlight just a few! GE’s “Grid In Motion” project, which won Best Use Of Content In Experiential & Audio, was the incredible result of a collaboration between the brand and three of their agency partners (Small Girls PR, Nue Agency, Giant Spoon), along with Spotify, Urban Sled, Daybreaker and the artist Gryffin. I think the takeaway from all of our winners this year is that well-executed collaboration between partners with different strengths and perspectives is what produces the most compelling, out-of-the-box content. It’s also fascinating for us to watch a brand like GE, who was our first client, push the boundaries of content innovation year after year.

“Well-executed collaboration between partners with different strengths and perspectives is what produces the most compelling, out-of-the-box content.” – Anda Gansca, CEO & Co-Founder, Knotch

SMW: What is the biggest myth marketers typically have with respect to branded content?

AG: There’s a myth that big-name publishers with huge amounts of views are the best way to go no matter what. We help brands identify and understand the smaller/niche outlets that have better-targeted audiences and will allow the content to work harder for the brand and their money. Content marketing is stronger when it’s reaching a smaller number of quality audience-members versus a high amount of meaningless URL loads or bot traffic.

SMW: Can you share any recent or upcoming product updates?

AG: It has always been important for us to start with the customer pain point. We’ve built all of our products so far (our holistic content analytics product, our emotional impact product and our competitive analysis product) with that core mentality. Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about data flows, safety, and conversion. A big focus for us this year will be building tools to seamlessly address those concerns for marketers.

Don’t miss your chance to hear Anda Gansca and many other thought leaders in the publishing and branded content space at SMWNYC April 24-27. Claim your pass today.

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