Twitter Is Demoing A New Video-Sharing Tool Amid v2 Buzz



Twitter is reportedly working on upping its visual content game. Meanwhile, Vine is making a comeback as v2.


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In a nod to rivals Snapchat and Instagram, Twitter is reportedly working on creating its own video capture tool designed to reduce the friction inherent to sharing multimedia content on the platform.

Currently, the steps for posting videos to the platform involves initially opening up the Twitter app, tapping the compose tweet icon, then selecting the camera or live button. This differs from Snapchat or Instagram in that the content capture interface does not open directly from the app.

Thought Twitter declined to comment, the update would make sense given Twitter’s mission to empower people to share what’s happening around them. Though Twitter was founded as—and continues to be—a text-first platform, the trends of social media continue to push toward visual content and, more specifically, video.

Speaking of video, the industry has been abuzz lately with talk of v2, a platform aimed at reviving the original Vine experience. Twitter acquired the six-second video platform in Jan. 2013 and subsequently shuttered it Oct. 2016.

TechCrunch reports that Dom Hofmann, who is spearheading the next version of Vine, v2, has a few updates to share. To be clear, Twitter owns Vine but is not affiliated with v2.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • The app is still in a “very, very, very limited alpha” testing stage with feedback currently being collected from creators including former Viners. The hope is to be roll-out ready in the coming months with complete iOS and Android versions.
  • Videos will range from 2 to 6.5 seconds and can either be taken directly in the app or uploaded from your camera roll.
  • There won’t be any filters, but you will be able to switch back and forth from selfie view and take vertically-formatted clips as depicted in this recent tweet posted by Hofmann to his personal account.
  • There will be strict rules around copyright infringements and keeping the environment positive. In a statement, Hofmann said, “It’s okay to disagree with or be critical of someone’s work, but name calling, facetious attitudes, or any other form of indirect harassment won’t be tolerated.”
  • There will be a Team feature to fuel collaboration. Specifically, Hofmann explained to TechCrunch, “a Team’s profile page will list its members, and the members have the ability to promote and repost Team posts to their own timeline (even with alternate captions.)”
  • There will definitely be a chronological feed, but Hofmann is also toying with an algorithmically-filtered “Popular/’Explore” tab as well as a “Nope” button as ways for users to control their timelines and engagement based on what they find relevant.
  • As far as monetization is concerned, Hofmann reports, “I want everyone who wants to earn money on v2 to have that opportunity. There are lots of ideas about how to best handle that, but it’s not yet time to make a decision.”

The monetization piece is especially interesting given YouTube’s recent decision to stop running ads on channels with fewer than 1,000 subscribers or 10,000 lifetime views. The move could push creators to explore other platforms when it comes to building and monetizing their audiences.

For additional updates and details, stay tuned to the official website for v2 and its official Twitter Account (@v2app).

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