3 Ways to Get to Know Gen Z at SMWNYC



What do marketers need to know about post-millennials and what motivates them to buy? Hear from Gen Z experts at SMWNYC this April.

A common misconception among marketers is that members of Gen Z—people born 1995 to 2014—are just like millennials, only even more hardened in stereotypical so-called “millennial” behaviors, such as being addicted to smartphones with a propensity to share every facet of their lives.

Gen Z consumers are an interesting set, and they exhibit different dispositions as their millennial counterparts. For one, they’ve never known a world without an internet, so they have a unique psyche and a distinct approach when it comes to how they react to marketing messages. As true digital natives, Gen Z-ers are keenly aware there’s always an alternative option, and consequently, treat their encounters with brands with a healthy dose of skepticism.

So, the question becomes: How can marketers gain the trust of a group that’s hyperconscious that there is always an “exit door”? Challenges aside, this is also a group that presents new opportunities for deeper, more meaningful connections. But where to start?

At SMWNYC, we’re bringing together Gen Z marketing experts to share their advice for incorporating post-millennial values into your business objectives.

Here are three ways to get informed and inspired this April:

Gen Z: Redefining Intimacy in a Social Media World

Per Nielsen’s latest Total Audience report, Gen-Z is now the single largest audience segment, accumulating 26 percent of the population. Are we as marketers prepared to reach them?

Join Nev Schulman, Host and Executive Director of MTV’s “Catfish,” and Alison Hillhouse, Vice President, Youth Culture and Trends at MTV, who will explore how Gen Z uses social media usage and what intimacy means in the digital age.

Referencing key findings from the study, “Gen Z Teens: Out Loud & Unfiltered,” Schulman and Hillhouse will explore how young people use digital platforms to establish relationships and define notions of self-esteem. In particular, they’ll focus on how this the term has become increasingly tied to likes, shares, and numbers of followers and subscribers and the tension this fuels. Further, they’ll explain how Gen Z-ers balance their dependency on social media with the associated negative aspects of technology in their lives.

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Connecting with Gen Z: The First Digital Natives

In this session, Kate Lewis, SVP and Editorial Director of Hearst Magazines Digital Media, will argue the importance of understanding the media consumption habits and behaviors of Gen Z. To do so, she’ll walk through examples of key differentiations separating millennials from Gen Z. In particular, she’ll highlight Gen Z-er’s reluctance towards commitment, frugal spending habits, and preference of emphermality when it comes to social platforms.

Attendees will come away from the session with a better understanding of why these habits matter and how they can be utilized to to forge stronger relationships.

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The Gen Z Social Media Forecast

Join PSFK’s Founder, President, and Editor-in-Chief, Piers Fawkes, and Creative Strategist, Avery McCaffrey, as they provide actionable insights as to how brands can effectively target, engage, and sell to Gen Z-ers. In particular, they’ll present a framework, using critical trends and groundbreaking case studies, that will help attendees formulate a new mindset when it comes to the group including resetting established norms pertaining to business, art, and advertising.

The overarching takeaway from the session will be that staying in tune with the behavioral traits of the group, and how emerging trends are influencing marketing to them, will benefit brands in the long run.

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