5 Ways to Explore the Future of Commerce at SMWNYC



Digital has upended the retail experience. We’re bringing some of the most innovative minds in modern commerce to show you what it takes to succeed in 2018.

For years, consumer behavior has been steadily and fundamentally reshaping retail. From showrooming and social media to millennials’ Instagram-first mindset, which prioritizes unique in-person experiences that are ripe for a photo opp, traditional retailers are feeling the heat and disruptors are seizing the day.

At SMWNYC this April, we’re bringing together a new class of marketers and entrepreneurs who are rewriting the rules of retail. These speakers will teach you how to approach customer service in 2018, how to craft un-Amazonable in-store experiences, how to employ social to boost online and offline sales.

Here’s just a taste of what’s in store:

How Bulletin is Leading the Retail Resistance

Ali Kriegsman, COO and Co-Founder of Bulletin, joins SMWNYC to share how the mission-based pop-up retailer is empowering female-led brands that support women not just materialistically through physical products, but through providing a broader support system and a larger stage to voice their thoughts.

In our recent Q&A with Kriegsman, she underscored the in-store experiences as crucial to the growth of the Bulletin brand. These unique and immersive experiences reinforce Bulletin’s roots in social activism and help put the brand’s core values at the heart of the shopping experience.

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Creating Products that Feed the Feed

Build it for the feed. In this session, Cedric Devitt, Chief Creative Officer, and Victor Pineiro, SVP of Social Media, at Big Spaceship will explore why it makes sense for brands to create “trendy” products—like a rainbow bagel, the raindrop cake, etc.—simply for the purpose of dominating social media platforms of millennials and Gen Z-ers.

Attendees will walk away having learned how to effectively build tailored products and experiences that tap into this widely popular social behavior and how to achieve a more well-rounded strategy that balances astuteness to trends and social data. Moreover, they’ll learn the key qualities of breakthrough products that translate into true cultural influence.

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Why Brandless is Bucking the Brand Tax

Rachael Vegas, Chief Merchant at Brandless, shares how the direct-to-consumer startup is staking its claim in the e-commerce space through its simple, no BS approach to branding void of a “brand tax” and driven by transparency and community.

We recently sat down with Vegas for a Q&A, where she shared her insights on the differences between how Brandless is defining the term “brand,” how the company incorporates its customers’ values into the products and marketing strategy, and how they are identifying opportunities for product expansion.

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Content to Commerce: How Social Grew Up to Drive What We Buy

Obele Brown-West, SVP, Digital Account and Engagement Lead at Weber-Shandwick, will host a session that outlines what marketers need to know about using social to drive commerce. In particular, she will explain how social has matured since its early days and highlight some of the more promising opportunities that have emerged when it comes to linking social to sales.

Brown-West will also analyze how platforms have evolved in order to successfully meet marketers’ objectives throughout the entire marketing funnel, highlighting case studies that demonstrate how to execute a social commerce effort to perfection.

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Scroll, Click, Own: How to Power Up Social Commerce on Facebook

U.S. e-commerce sales are expected to reach approximately $500 million this year. How can brands ensure they’re prepared to capitalize on this opportunity by driving purchase via the world’s largest social network (Facebook, of course)?

Join Dan Lagani, President and Chief Revenue Officer of Diply, as he offers a crash course in how to employ Facebook to drive online sales efforts. Specifically, he’ll explore visual marketing tactics as well as share various principles that are guaranteed to maximize engagement, reach, and revenue.

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Don’t miss your chance to attend these sessions and more at SMWNYC (April 24-27) at the Sheraton Times Square. Grab your pass today.

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