5 Ways To Master Data-Driven Marketing At SMWNYC



Once relegated to media and analytics teams, data is helping marketers unlock creativity and connect with consumers in more authentic ways. Learn how at SMWNYC.

Data has always been core to marketing strategy, but we’ve come a long way since the days of traditional market research and focus groups. Given the wealth of digital inputs and consumer insights at the disposal of today’s marketers, it can be daunting to make sense of it all and put data to work in actionable ways.

Join us at SMWNYC this April 24-27 to hear from leading data-driven marketers and better understand how data can be used to fuel creativity, build deeper customer relationships, and unlock new opportunities to grow your business.

Here’s just a sample of what’s in store:

How Media and Data are Changing the Creative Brief and Inspiring Creativity

In this talk, Amy Avery, Chief Intelligence Officer, at Droga5, shares how the award-winning agency is implementing data to reimagine the creative brief. Specifically, she’ll provide tips for identifying the various at types relevant to a given moment and/or channel, and show you how to plan ahead so you get it right every time. Moreover, she will teach you how to approach data proactively, implementing it in advance of major campaigns and milestones.

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Creativity + Data: How to Develop Personalized Experiences that Capture Both

We all know that data is needed to create relevant, breakthrough content, but where should marketers start? Alberto Brea, Executive Director of Strategy & Planning at Ogilvy New York, will show you how to bring data and creativity together to help your brand stand out. You’ll come away with an understanding of how algorithms function across the major platforms, tips for navigating each successfully to reach the right audiences, and best practices for leveraging data across the entire consumer journey.

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Advancing Brands + Humanity With Data Innovation

Nelson Freitas, Chief Strategy Officer at Wunderman, will explore the importance of utilizing data to stand out and be perceived as “one of a kind” by your most important audiences. The key to this, Freitas argues, is approaching data in a way that complements as opposed to contradicts human nature, which necessitates that marketers adapt their approaches to align with the new brand-consumer relationship. Join this session to learn how data can be used to maintain a narrative that is at once inspiring, indispensable, indisputable, and integral.

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Instagram & the Shift Towards Data-Driven Influencer Marketing

Eighty-six percent of marketers are using influencer marketing, per a recent report, and the trend does not appear to be slowing down. In fact, in 2018 we can expect a maturation in the space, specifically when it comes to data. Join a panel of experts as they explore the new era of data-driven influencer marketing. How can data improve organic content and enhance brand partnerships? Find out in this personal, candid conversation with thought-leaders from CROWD, DevTribe, and Stylescrapbook founder Andy Torres.

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Navigating the Future of Publishing: Challenges & Opportunities

A self-described “data nerd,” Anda Gansca, CEO & Founder of Knotch, joins our digital publishing panel to discuss how brands and publishers can use real-time audience data to inform and optimize their branded content efforts. Learn more about her POV on the growing importance of data and why its necessary for creating out-of-the-box content in our exclusive Q&A.

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Don’t miss your chance to attend one of these sessions at SMWNYC (April 24-27) at the Sheraton Times Square. Grab your pass today.

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