How to Optimize Your Landing Page to Generate More Qualified Leads



These three tips will help you build an optimized landing page for your upcoming campaigns.

No matter if you’re a small business owner, a marketer or SEO expert of a fortune 500 company, you more than likely understand the importance of landing page optimization. This means, it is also probable that you understand, building a targeted landing page using keywords identified as ‘top keywords,’ properly placing CTAs, images and stressing your company’s unique selling points, is a time-consuming process.

You’ll also know first-hand that one of the major differences between a homepage and a landing page is that a homepage is less focused on a single objective and merely provides a wide variety of general information on a single page. Now, I will take a moment to speak with those with a baseline knowledge of landing pages, as well as why they exist.

The reason landing pages perform so much better than a traditional page on your site is because they are affiliated with a specific campaign. These campaigns are backed by paid efforts such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) activity, social campaigns and more. For the purpose of this post, I will focus on a single style of landing page — designed to collect data from visitors — otherwise known as a lead generation landing page.

Data captured on lead generation landing pages are used for remarketing purposes such as sending targeted ads and other relevant content. As a result, it is crucial to provide something of value in exchange for personal information. In the world of marketing, collecting metadata of qualified visitors is nearly as valuable as gold. Since customers are aware of this, they reserve the right to be more selective with whom they’re handing their information to.

It simply has to be worth their while, and offer some way of benefiting from the good/service offered. I want to offer three tips to help build an optimized landing page for upcoming campaigns that will help grow your subscriber list and enable you to see an ROI on your marketing efforts.

Lead Landing Page visitors through the conversion funnel

I’ve seen it before — landing pages that go straight for the kill. By kill, I mean the final step of whatever your desired action is for landing page visitors at the end of your marketing funnel.

This is not best practice. It is, however, where another key marketing principle comes into play, nurture. It is paramount to internalize where users are in the funnel.
If landing page visitors are in the awareness stage, they are simply aware there is a problem that needs to be solved. E.g. “I need to build a new landing page, but don’t have a lot of time to spend on it.” If visitors are in the consideration phase, they likely still need additional information to make a final decision but are one-step closer to conversion.

Additionally, it is also not a best practice to reel in potential customers using keywords relevant to your campaign, but not having a landing page to match. If keywords lead visitors to an irrelevant and unfocused landing page — you run the risk of a negative review or a lost sale.

If you take users through the marketing funnel (and do it well) or at least understand what stage they are in — in the end, it will more than likely result in a conversion. Conversely, you can have the most optimized landing page on the planet and still not earn a conversion. It really does depend on who your customer base is, what they’ve come to expect from you and what to include when creating an optimized landing page.

Wear two hats

Think like both a marketer and a landing page visitor. Oftentimes we fail to think about how an end user will see a landing page. In this instance, put on two hats — that of marketer and a persona. Thinking with both hats on will give you a few major advantages, like being forced to examine if your landing page messaging matches your overall campaign. If it does not, it could mean penalties from Google and higher bounce rates due to irrelevant info.

Take into account, things like which search term(s) best describe what your campaign aims to accomplish, is your landing page aesthetically pleasing and does it include the important elements of a landing page that lead to a higher rate of conversion if included?

If elements such as forms and CTAs are in their proper place (above the fold) — this can make the job of salesperson easier and improve offline conversion by ensuring a smooth sales process with highly-qualified leads. Finally, after messaging is perfect, and you’ve created your campaign, it is best practice to perform A/B testing to see which pages, emails or campaigns perform best.

Be Transparent with landing page visitors

No matter if you’re running an email marketing, PPC or social media campaign, transparency in marketing is key. This is especially true when there’s money involved (if your end result is a sale).

Giving out details such as email, telephone number, and other personal information is something often reserved for family and friends, so why give your details to a stranger? Since some view the collection of data like this as intrusive, marketers must first penetrate this barrier by establishing trust and building a strong business reputation.

Once this is done, obtaining such info can come from building trust to earn what today is considered marketing gold. Customers do expect business owners to honest, and this is just one of the many factors that help build up or tear down your business’s reputation.

Having accessible, accurate and up-to-date information can also work to establish trust and lead to brand credibility. If you’re offering a physical, downloadable product, or a webinar — you want to ensure it is not only reliable but something that will bring value to customers. Any resource visitors trade information for should be filled with expert or insider knowledge.

With all of the challenges involved in running a business, a marketing department or even a one-man show, landing pages might seem to be at the bottom of your list. If properly optimized, landing pages can lead to valuable outcomes like increased revenue, growing contact lists and of course customer satisfaction.


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