Twitter is Killing its Twitter for Mac Desktop App



Twitter is encouraging Mac users to get ‘the full Twitter experience” on the web.

Earlier this week, Twitter implemented new rules around its TweetDeck and Twitter API to reduce spam and improve the quality and reliability of information shared on the platform. Now Twitter has announced another update, they will end support for its official Mac app in mid-March. While this is disappointing for the app’s fans, Twitter for Mac has never been a high priority for the company.

In 2010, Twitter acquired Tweetie. At the time, Twitter did not have an official app, so the acquisition made sense. However, the app was promptly forgotten about. Eventually, it fell out of use due to infrequent updates. The last time Twitter for Mac was updated was in 2015. Engadget’s Roberto Baldwin predicted that the next update would be released in 2018. While that was surprisingly accurate, he probably wasn’t expecting that update to be the app’s removal from the Mac App Store.

Since Twitter for Mac wasn’t properly maintained, other apps took its place. Even Twitter had a competing app in TweetDeck.

Considering the app wasn’t publicized much and TweetDeck is better known, many Mac users either didn’t know the app existed or didn’t care. Most digital media managers use a third-party app, such as Hootsuite.

Anyone who wants to use a Twitter-owned account manager still has TweetDeck as an option, so it doesn’t sense for Twitter to continue support for a separate Mac app.

Twitter also probably realized that its resources are better spent elsewhere. Earlier this month, Digital Trends conducted an informal poll on Twitter that doesn’t bode well for any Mac apps.

Windows users who use the Windows version of the app are in luck. Currently, Twitter’s Windows 10 app remains on the Microsoft Store, but no one knows how much longer that will be the case.

For now, Twitter is encouraging Mac users to get ‘the full Twitter experience” on the web at


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