5 Tools to Boost Your Influencer Marketing Efforts



Finding the right influencers for your brand starts with finding the right company to help create a relationship between your brand and potential influencers.


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Influencer Marketing is huge these days. It’s an extremely effective way to create a mutually beneficial partnership that enhances your brand and that of the influencer you are working with.

When searching for the perfect influencer, no one wants to go into the process blind. The following companies keep track of social media influencers and provide you with the data required to make an informed decision.


Julius works with agencies, brand, publishers, and influencers to form partnerships. The company’s employees curate each influencer on Julius’ platform, so you know that each influencer has been thoroughly vetted.

Agencies and brands that use Julius are able to filter influences by metric, audience, and social performance. Julius puts all that information in one easy to understand place. Some metrics Julius provides are gender, age, and ethnicity of an influencers followers. You are also able to find out an influencer’s number of followers across all major platforms in one place.

Julius is for those who want to target a specific audience in an authentic way.


WHOSAY boasts an impressive array of clients from Aveeno to Volvo. If you’re looking to make a splash, WHOSAY can help with its impressive list of what the company calls “Icons, Trailblazers, Influencers, and Micro Influencers.”

Unlike Julius, which will connect you with an influencer, WHOSAY creates content. The company helps its clients set campaign objectives, find the right talent, develop a content strategy, distribute their content, and measure that content’s performance.


Whereas Julius and WHOSAY approach influencer marketing from the perspective of matching brands with influencers, theAmplify matches influencers with brands. theAmplify specializes high impact awareness campaigns.

In the past, theAmplify has sent influencers to client events, so that they can create unique pieces of content to share on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.


TapInfluences allows brands to quickly grow their influencer marketing program through the use of IBM Watson Data and searching for influence by entering their brand’s desired influencer characteristics.

The company’s dashboard keeps brands in touch with influencers so that they can communicate, create content, and schedule social media posts. By using TapInfluence, you can also compare your brand’s performance to industry standards and find out the return on investment in real-time.


Tribe specializes in connecting brands with micro-influencers. The company focuses on high-quality content over popularity. It also believes that the content creators should be consumers of the product they are promoting so that the partnership feels organic.

What makes Tribe unique is that it is risk-free for a brand to start a campaign because brands see content from an influencer before a purchase is made. If a brand decides to purchase a piece of content, they can purchase it for the price the influencer has already given.

Every company that manages brand-influencer partnerships has a different approach to fostering these relationships. To find the right match for your brand, decide on how you would like to reach out to influencers and what you expect to get out of those relationships.

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