Why Businesses Should Add YouTube to Their Engagement Channels



Companies use YouTube to share their stories, present product demonstrations, introduce products or services and otherwise engage their audience more effectively.


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Businesses love social media. They have Instagram accounts to display their latest products, they tweet about upcoming sales, and use Facebook to share their stories. However, unless a company specializes in delivering training and promotional videos, the YouTube social media button is often missing in their row of “contact us” platforms.

However, a growing number of small to midsized businesses are learning to effectively navigate what they see as a brave new world and effectively using this engagement tool in a variety of ways.

Drive Organic Website Traffic

For many YouTube channel owners, getting millions of views of their video is the ultimate goal. While a business might want to achieve that same audience reach, smart companies understand that the quality of the viewers is more important than the quantity. The focus is on encouraging viewers to visit the company’s website rather than simply enjoying a video. Brief and well-designed videos that inform and/or entertain the viewer and includes a call to action, will effectively drive organic traffic to your site. Videos that engage your target audience will translate into increased website visits and ultimately sales.

Extend your Brand

There is power in showing versus telling, and YouTube allows a business to do just that. Use of videos to present their business, share their core values, demonstrate their commitments to charities or social activism, allows companies to tell a fuller, richer story. Let the CEO explain the company’s values and provide specific examples of how these are values are put into action within the company and the community.

Share videos of staff volunteering or a presentation that explains where donated funds go and the difference it makes in people’s lives, the environment, or other causes. Show powerful stories that allow viewers to positively connect with people in your organization and that goodwill will attach to your brand and extend its reach.

Explain Who You Are or What You Do

Startup companies or those that provide a high niche product often turn to YouTube to explain who they are and what they do to a wider audience. Seeing is believing, engaging, and selling, which is why a YouTube video is the perfect platform for companies to introduce themselves. An excellent example is TeamSnap, which could be almost anything, but in fact is an app that provides an amazing solution to a very common set of problems: managing the communication and finances of children and adult sports teams. Their brief video effectively explains the core features of the app, and how it is overwhelmingly better than not using it.

“At first, people didn’t understand our app, and how provides a great solution to a common problem you see in every sports setting,” In an interview Ken McDonald, TeamSnap Chief Growth Officer explained. “Once we made the video and uploaded it to YouTube, everyone who saw it had a collective ‘ah ha’ moment, went to our website and bought the app.” YouTube is a great way to introduce yourself to the market, showing the world the value of your product or service.

Demonstrates How to do It

Sometimes a product is complicated to use, or it has uses that the average user wouldn’t consider. Maybe it has applications beyond its original intent that people love or that can unexpectedly solve a problem. Whatever the reason, a brief and structured demonstration of a product is an excellent way to use YouTube to inform and connect with your target audience. These videos are very common for products that need assembly or to address tricky aspects of a software system but think outside that narrow box to bring people to your site. Ink Factory is a company that sells, no surprise, ink cartridges.

Their YouTube channel includes a series of videos that range from how to use ink to create Christmas ornaments to installing recycled cartridges into a printer. “We don’t just make videos about our product,” Tim Johnson, CEO told me in an interview. “One of our best videos explains how to print photos or documents from an iPhone. It’s a common issue that doesn’t directly relate to our products, but it drives viewers to our site every day.” How-to videos are a great engagement tool that can increase website traffic and sales.

Customer Testimonials

Don’t tell people how great your product or service is, let your very happy customers tell the world how you exceeded their expectations and the impact it had on their life, business, etc. Testimonial videos are an extremely effective way to show your product or service in action by having someone who uses it explain why it is the best thing ever. At its core, a member of your target audience is explaining to other members of your target audience why they should buy whatever it is you sell. Don’t script the speaker but have him or her focus on the benefits they received from your product, and let their enthusiasm carry the day.

Bottom Line:

YouTube is the one social media platform that many small and midsize businesses still hesitate to use, but when they do the benefits are significant. Every video, even the so-so ones, is an engagement opportunity that drive website visits and sales. Helping your audience see your business as a group of people striving for success rather than a name on a website will drive your brand to new heights.

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