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From data and creativity and paid media models to the future of brands and publishing, our curated tracks are designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of what tools, strategies, and tactics you should be investing in to advance your career.

At SMWNYC, hear from agencies of all sizes on how they are evolving and future-proofing their businesses.

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Here is a preview of what you can expect:

From Memes to Media Empire: How Internet Stars Are Forging the Future of Branded Content

Hosted by Jerry Media

The wildly popular @FuckJerry Instagram account was created in 2011. Its founder, a 20something by the name of Elliot Tebele, was bored at his day job and saw social media as a ripe creative outlet for his idiosyncratic brand of humor. Flash forward seven years and @FuckJerry has 13 million followers (more than twice as many as Jessica Biel) and recently spun out into a media powerhouse and creative shop.

In this fireside chat, we sit down with Mick Purzycki, CEO of Jerry Media, to discuss how he and his team used the popularity of @FuckJerry and similarly sticky accounts to build a full-service content studio that lists brands like Burger King, Bud Light, Hinge, Gucci, Brita and TurboTax as partners.

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THIS is Social Media: ‘Hate It or Love It’

Hosted by Havas

Join two of Havas’ top social thinkers, U.S. Chief Creative Officer Jason Peterson and New York Chief Creative Officer Harry Beee, to understand why engagement makes all the difference in social media. They’ll talk about why the goal of social media should be to create the most engaging content possible, and educate marketers on how to get a positive response.

There are only two responses to social: I hate you or I love you. Attend this session to learn how to get the latter in a way that actually does something meaningful for your brand or business.

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What Will The Agencies of the Future Do Differently?

Hosted by Social Media Week

An increasingly competitive landscape and tightening brand budgets have put new pressures on agencies that are vying to stand out among competitors, platforms, and technologies. Moreover, the intensifying talent wars necessitate the need to build strong cultures that attract the personnel needed to deliver standout client work. In this session, hear from agency executives representing a range of viewpoints to discuss the ways their companies are evolving their businesses and their cultures to meet the needs of the modern market.

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How Media and Data are Changing the Creative Brief and Inspiring Creativity

Hosted by Droga5

Award-winning advertising agency Droga5 shares their perspective on the partnership and power of Media and Data and how the two are unlocking fresh, thoughtful creativity that shapes culture. Chief Intelligence Officer Amy Avery will discuss how Droga5 harnesses the data available to find moments that are fit for communication, with the goal of creating a focused brief that allows for uninhibited creativity. This new brief pinpoints the exact moment and channel to reach a consumer by bringing together data from search, social, audience tools and journey in a new and exciting way.

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The Gen Z Social Media Forecast

Hosted by PSFK

In the Forecast Z report, leading innovation and trends company PSFK will reveal nuanced insights about Gen Z, describe the trends and best-in-class case studies that can be leveraged to target them and present a framework that can be used to market, engage and sell to a new generation of consumers.

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Blood in the Water: How Specialized Agencies can Outmaneuver the Industry Giants – Hosted by HeyOrca

The ad industry is undergoing a seismic shift, and the large agency groups are feeling the shockwaves. While these giants struggle to stay relevant, there is a window of opportunity for smaller, specialized agencies to take a bigger slice of the pie. In this talk, we’ll discuss how lean agencies are leveraging improved operational efficiency, transparency in their processes, and real-time client collaboration to become an indispensable partner for each of their clients.

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Breaking Through the Sea of Sameness with 360i CEO Sarah Hofstetter

Hosted by 360i

Sarah Hofstetter is an agency CEO. She also keeps Kosher and observes the Sabbath, meaning every Friday at sundown, she’s offline until the following evening. In an industry that is “always on” and all about the client schmoozing, this seems like an improbable scenario. Growing up in a sea of sameness, the Jewish Orthodox community of Long Island, Sarah learned early on to embrace her individuality and adhere to her values. She broke through that community, and now, is breaking through the advertising community demonstrating along the way that sometimes your vulnerabilities are your greatest assets.

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Why In-House is “In” and How Creative Studios are Upending the Agency World

Hosted by Adobe

Creativity in marketing is experience a renaissance. Brands today can leverage powerful, real-time data sources to unlock new avenues for creativity and connect with people in more relevant ways. At the same time, the question of where “creative’ should reside is up for debate. Many large organizes, from Apple to T-Mobile, are opting to bring their creative in-house.

Companies are able to loosen their reliance on external creative teams thanks to strong data science, A/B testing, and AI. These days, agile teams embedded within a brand can execute at par with, and in some cases, beyond the level of some of the largest, most established creative shops in the world.

At the same time, data is creating opportunities for agencies who are evolving and adapting to the new environment. While giants struggle to hold market share and consultancies pad their creative capabilities to join the fight for brand dollars, smaller agencies and networks are leveraging data and content to grow their businesses in ways never before possible.

Join this session, led by Adobe, to explore how data is transforming the creative world for good and how technology is democratizing the creative process to make way for new models and players.

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Building A Magnetic Brand: Attracting the Right People in a Hypersegmented World


Now is the time for brands to stop chasing, and start attracting. To plant a flag for what they believe in — and own it. To prove that a brand that takes an authentic stance – rooted in culture and sensitive to audience needs – can build massive followership and stirred passion.

These beliefs and actions define a Magnetic Brand.
A Magnetic Brand takes a stand, clearly communicates its point-of-view, and compels you to be a part of its ethos. We see many today: Glossier, Patagonia, and Shinola and more. What we love about them is that they attract a passionate following, while driving impact AND their bottom line.

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Influencer Marketing’s Next Frontier: Best Practices for Successful Partnerships Today & Tomorrow

Hosted by DigitasLBi

How can influencers continue to tailor content to speak to consumers relevantly, delivered right to their smartphone? Along with key leaders in the influencer marketing space, this panel will explore the topic of influencer marketing and how it has evolved from traditional word-of-mouth to celebrity domination, and now into a main marketing channel. The session will also go a step further to explore the future of influencer of marketing and how emerging technologies like AI and VR will take the craft of influence to the next level.

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Too Close: How Much Data is Too Much Data for Advertisers to Have?

Hosted by Big Finish Digital

Paul Marcum (GE, Bloomberg & Truffle Pig) and Brook Lundy (Someecards & Razorfish), the two digital media pioneers behind the new agency, Big Finish Digital, share with us the story of data-driven marketing from its origins up to the most recent developments that have created such a disconnect between marketing practices and consumer privacy concerns — and propose “Total Targeting Transparency,” their self-regulation solution for the industry.

Though the subject is vast, the approach will be entertaining and enlightening, featuring original research, attempts to embarrass the audience and over-sharing by the presenters. There will be three sections: “data collection & regulation for agency creatives,” “GDPR basics for those who are still awake,” and “there’s a solution in front of us if we’re willing to pursue it.”

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Join us at SMWNYC April 24-27 to hear from 150+ leading thinkers who will explore our global theme, “Closer,” which navigates the increasingly tenuous relationship between community and individualism. Fewer than 39 passes remain, so don’t wait.

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