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New advances in technology like chatbots and AI are changing everything from exchanging currency to customer service interactions.

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At SMWNYC, we will look at AR, AI, chatbots, blockchain and all areas of future tech and how brands can implement them into their strategies.

Here is a preview of what you can expect:

Welcome to the Age of the Digital Assistant

Hosted by Google

In this session, Victoria Fabiano, Strategic Partner Manager at Google, will help attendees increase their awareness of digital assistants and better understand how they stand to alter the digital landscape.

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The Trust Protocol: How Blockchain will Revolutionize Social Media, Business and the World

Hosted by Blockchain Revolution

The technology likely to have the greatest impact on the world of business has arrived and it’s called the blockchain. Blockchain’s first killer application was Bitcoin, the decentralized cryptocurrency that enables trustless transactions without a centralized intermediary like a bank. But the technology is capable of much more.

Indeed, Bitcoin has set off a spark that has caught on like wild-fire and captured the imagination of entrepreneurs all around the world who see the underlying blockchain technology as an opening to build nothing short of a new internet. One that is decentralized, censorship-resistant, where privacy is protected and identity secured, and where value is shared more equally amongst those who use it.

In this talk, Alex Tapscott will demystify this new and radical technology and explain why the blockchain revolution is here to stay.

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The Life-Saving Power of Technology: How Crisis Text Line Harnesses Tech for Good

Hosted by Crisis Text Line

Born “out of the rib” of, Crisis Text Line is an innovative company and technology platform that provides free, 24/7 support to people in crisis via text message. By putting human and automated processes to work to connect with (and calm) humans in need, Crisis Text Line is changing lives in every area code in the U.S.

In this fireside chat, Crisis Text Line CEO Nancy Lublin will share Crisis Text Line’s founding story and explore how the company is using a combination of human compassion and strategy alongside AI technology to scale its ability to help thousands of Americans in crisis each and every day.

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The Future of Mobile Messaging: AI and Conversational Content

Hosted by Emogi

Join Travis Montaque, CEO and Founder of Emogi, as he explores the future of intelligent messaging and learn the latest emerging trends shaping the mobile messaging landscape and how emoji, stickers, and GIFs influence messages & consumer sentiment.

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AI x Brands: Balancing the Promise with the Pitfalls

Hosted by Social Media Week

By 2020, 80 percent of consumer interactions will take place without a human (source: Gartner). It’s hard to ignore the speed at which AI has seeped into nearly every industry, and over the past several months, the debate has intensified regarding the role of humans in an increasingly automated future. How much should marketers lean into the amazing capabilities of artificial intelligence, and how much should we place controls on it today so we can harness it responsibly in the future? When is investing in AI worth it, and when isn’t it?

In this track, you’ll hear from four emerging tech experts who will explore ways in which marketers should be considering the use of AI in their efforts—and what they should be watching out for as they navigate the unchartered waters of bots, algorithms, and automation.

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Why Chatbots are the Next Big Thing in Sales and Marketing: A Case Study Into National Geographic’s Albert Einstein Chatbot

Hosted by imperson

In April 2017, National Geographic wanted to generate buzz of their new show “Genius” and decided to create an extended interactive experience for the show. Opting for a conversational approach, 360i partnered with imperson to bring Albert Einstein back to life via chatbot.
The result? 6-8 minute average conversations, 11 turns per conversation, 50% user re-engagement and an involved community of followers. But does this mean they belong in your marketing and sales stack?

In short — yes! In this entertaining case study of the Genius bot, Seth Greenfield, the designer who builds bots on social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Kik, and Skype, will share everything you need to know about the value and opportunities of chatbots and how you can leverage this emerging technology. He’ll dive into the current tech trends in chatbots, how brands are using them in their sales and marketing efforts, how to properly set chatbot goals, and how to ensure authenticity in voice through free-flowing dialogue.

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Join us at SMWNYC April 24-27 to hear from 150+ leading thinkers who will explore our global theme, “Closer,” which navigates the increasingly tenuous relationship between community and individualism. Fewer than 39 passes remain, so don’t wait.

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