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The New York Times, Grey, Axios, and more lead the most important conversation in technology today at SMWNYC. Don’t miss it!


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Tech has reached an important tipping point.

More than ten years of growth and optimism have catapulted social media to the center of the marketing universe and fundamentally changed the way we engage with each other. But in these ten years, the systems driving these forces have gone largely unchecked.

At SMWNYC, we’ve made it our mission to confront these challenges head on. Via our global theme, “Closer,” we’re assembling some of the smartest people from varying perspectives to explore how we can move forward as an industry and—as a society.

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Join us in just three weeks to hear from more than 150+ speakers, including:

Facebook, Social Networks & Democracy: A Conversation with The Verge’s Casey Newton

The Verge’s Casey Newton, one of the most prolific and highly-regarded tech reporters of our time, joins FirstMark Capital’s Beth Ferreira to talk about Facebook, social networks, and democracy. Specifically, the Silicon Valley Editor will walk attendees through the evolution of the pressures social platforms are encountering and what brands and society-at-large are saying they need to do to ensure they’re doing their responsible due diligence. Newton will also share his 2018 predictions with respect to the trends relevant to this conversation.

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Why the Truth is Worth Paying For

Meredith Kopit Levien, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of The New York Times Company, will join Brian Stelter, Senior Media Correspondent and Host of Reliable Sources, CNNe for a fireside chat exploring the reason behind why the truth is worth paying for—now more than ever. A key theme of the discussion will center on the qualities of good journalism and why these are so critical in informing and shaping a productive and healthy global society. Currently the most successful existing digital news subscription business, she’ll also shed light on how The New York Times has elevated itself to this position and what it does to uphold its reputation as a responsible outlet.

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Social Networks vs. Humanity: An Honest Look at Social Media’s Impact On Society & Our Minds

Max Stossel serves as Chief Storyteller for the Center for Humane Technology, a coalition recently founded by tech pioneers with the overarching goal of pushing platforms to optimize against “time well spent.” Stossel joins the SMWNYC lineup to lead a critical discussion about the dehumanization of digital platforms and how the organization is banding together to hold them accountable for their actions. In doing so, he’ll emphasize the need for a realignment of tech that prioritizes personal well-being instead of maximizing attention.

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Building a New Electorate: Can Digital Media Save Democracy?

In this fireside chat, AxiosSara Fisher joins Suraj Patel, a Congressional candidate from NY’s 12th District, to debate whether digital media can save democracy. With 65 percent of Americans failing to show up to the polls during congressional elections, Patel will argue that there is a need for a more engaged electorate and speak to the complex relationship between forces: technology, the voting electorate, and our civic leaders.

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The Evolution of Togetherness: Quantifying Social Media’s Impact on Society

Join Suresh Nair, Global Chief Strategy Officer at Grey, as he presents new research from the award-winning agency on social media’s impact on society. While sharing the findings, Nair will walk attendees through the ever-changing definition of the phrase “togetherness” and how social media platforms are adjusting their business strategies and objectives in response. He’ll also provide tips and insights for ensuring successful integration of the term in ad campaigns and content across social platforms.

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The Trust Protocol: How Blockchain will Revolutionize Social Media, Business, and the World

In this session, Alex Tapscott, co-author of “The Blockchain Revolution,” will demystify the popular buzzword gaining traction that is blockchain, and why marketers need to pay attention to the emerging technology. Further, Tapscott will paint a picture for attendees of a predicted revolutionized internet that is censorship resistant, decentralized, and that provides users with improved security and privacy.

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