9 Ways to Explore the Role of Data in Media & Marketing at SMWNYC



Learn from Vox Media, Google, Droga5 and more at Social Media Week New York. Time is running out to secure your pass!

From data and creativity and paid media models to the future of brands and publishing, our curated tracks are designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of what tools, strategies and tactics you should be investing in to advance your career.

With Facebook’s latest changes to their algorithm affecting publishers, using social listening & data analytics is now more important than ever.

Fewer than 39 passes remain. Claim yours before they’re gone!

At SMWNYC, we will explore all aspects of data marketing from increasing social media ROI to analyzing social data to better respond to customers.

Here is a preview of what you can expect:

The Moment of Truth: How a Cluttered Media Industry Needs to Inspire a New Era of Storytelling – Before It’s Too Late

Hosted by Vox Media

In this session, Melissa Bell — a journalist, product lead, and entrepreneur who left the Washington Post to co-found the news brand Vox — will discuss how her unconventional background led to her current role as Publisher at Vox Media; how her unique editorial strategies and network approach to brand building is growing Vox Media’s audiences, delivering tangible value to their brand partners, and leading to the next phase of our industry’s future; and what she worries about most in this age of mass media surplus.

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Welcome to the Age of the Digital Assistant

Hosted by Google

In this session, Victoria Fabiano, Strategic Partner Manager at Google, will help attendees increase their awareness of digital assistants and better understand how they stand to alter the digital landscape.

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Increase Your Social Media ROI Through Social Analytics and AI

Hosted by NetBase

In this session, we’ll explain how you can harness the power of social intelligence. We’ll cover the tools available to help you drill down to the human layer of social conversations, and to derive concrete ROI from your social programs.

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Implement an Online & Social Listening Program Across Your Organization

Hosted by Talkwalker

Learn from industry experts: Nicole Moreo from Ketchum, Lila Branagan from Ferrero, and Adrienne A. Wallace from bowmo, Inc. on developing a social listening strategy, implementing a program, and achieving organizational adoption. Todd Grossman, CEO of Talkwalker, a leading social listening & data analytics platform, will moderate the panel.

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Own Your Audience: How Data is Helping Publishers Grow & Evolve Beyond the Duopoly

Hosted by Code and Theory

This session will share what a data-first publisher strategy looks like in practice and why mainstream publishers—and brands—are restructuring themselves to win an increasingly fragmented media landscape.

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Instagram & the Shift Towards Data-Driven Influencer Marketing

Hosted by CROWD.

Join this panel featuring three “OGs” in the influencer industry: Andy Torres, one of the first international fashion bloggers; Daniel Saynt, one of the first creators of a media property; and Vicki Frid, founder of one of the first digital marketing agencies. The conversation will be focused on their beginnings, how Instagram changed the game, and how brands must adjust to thrive and survive given the new algorithm.

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How Media and Data are Changing the Creative Brief and Inspiring Creativity

Hosted by Droga5

Award-winning advertising agency Droga5 shares their perspective on the partnership and power of Media and Data and how the two are unlocking fresh, thoughtful creativity that shapes culture. Chief Intelligence Officer Amy Avery will discuss how Droga5 harnesses the data available to find moments that are fit for communication, with the goal of creating a focused brief that allows for uninhibited creativity. This new brief pinpoints the exact moment and channel to reach a consumer by bringing together data from search, social, audience tools and journey in a new and exciting way.

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The Speed of Now: Separating News from Noise on Social

Hosted by Dataminr

With billions of social posts a day, how can companies find opportunities and act in the moment it matters most? Communications executives and brand managers are now armed with the real-time insight needed to discover news stories that impact their brand as events happen, allowing them to proactively get ahead of stories. Whether seizing a pre-viral opportunity for earned media or reacting to the day’s news, panelists will discuss real-time and real-life strategies and the technology employed by best-in-class communications teams.

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Timely, Personalized and Relevant: How to Build a Responsive Organization

Hosted by Simon Data

The customer journey is radically changing. Brands collect more customer data and communicate using more channels than ever before. Consumers, for their part, have ever-increasing expectations around timely, personalized, relevant messaging — they want authentic connection and human conversation.

Delivering these experiences requires more than just personalization or journey mapping. Going forward, the real winners will be “Responsive Organizations” embracing a new approach that listens better, anticipates consumer needs, and addresses them in a fundamentally human way. Major players already know this: companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Google have radically changed core aspects of our lives by earning people’s trust through unparallelled responsiveness. In this critical moment, all brands must start doing likewise if they want to grow and succeed.

Join Simon Data co-founder Joshua Neckes and a panel of thoughtful marketing executives for a discussion focused on this critical topic, including:

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Join us at SMWNYC April 24-27 to hear from 150+ leading thinkers who will explore our global theme, “Closer,” which navigates the increasingly tenuous relationship between community and individualism. Fewer than 39 passes remain, so don’t wait.

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