How Nat Geo is Taking Storytelling into the Future



The leading brand in social media shares its secrets for dominating the storytelling game at next week’s SMWNYC conference.


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The evolution of storytelling is truly remarkable, and it’s journey is far from over. As digital platforms continue to grow, so too will the ways in which brands use storytelling to captivate and engage their audiences online.

At next week’s Social Media Week New York conference, we’ll hear from National Geographic’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Partnerships, Brendan Ripp, as he explores the democratization of the digital media landscape and how the company is tapping into technology as a force for fueling connectivity in an otherwise divisive digital environment.

As a preview, Ripp will leverage Nat Geo’s story in its rise to dominance as the number one brand on social media. In doing so, he’ll underscore that compelling and meaningful content is more important today than ever before. For Nat Geo, elevating its content means employing the digital platforms on which content is produced in such a way that its mission of promoting exploration and curiosity is permeated throughout.

Why is this important? In a sea of saturated updates and posts, creating immersive and influential content across social is key in order to establish a foundation for effective brand-consumer relationships. In the same vein, it is through this approach that your brand will stand out above the rest as irreplicable and genuinely unique in the eyes of your community. For values-led companies like Nat Geo, it all boils down to focus: focus on what your company stands for and what resonates most with your audience. In doing so, no matter changes the digital landscape sees, you’ll have the prioritization necessary to move the needle.

Join this session if:

  • You’re a social media manager looking to pocket some best practices and insights for creating meaningful content
  • You’re an agency strategist hoping to prep your business for the future with regards to storytelling tactics
  • A brand marketer interested in digital storytelling best practices

About National Geographic

National Geographic is a multimedia powerhouse whose mission for 130 years has been to increase awareness of the world around us by sharing inspiring stories under the umbrellas of science, exploration, and adventure. Because the company allows its community to be its chief storytellers and content creators, 30 percent of Nat Geo’s profits go to funding scientists, explorers, and conservationists.

To further explore the future of storytelling and the tension between community and individualism, be sure to join us at SMWNYC next week (April 24-27) at the Sheraton Times Square. Claim your pass today.

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