How to Optimize Creativity in Your Content Marketing Campaigns



Join a panel of experts, including WHOSAY CEO Steve Ellis, as they share actionable insights for boosting creativity in your content marketing campaigns.

At next week’s Social Media Week conference, we’ll be discussing a number of topics related to our global theme, “Closer.” One of these includes the conflict between community and individualism. While social media was built and intended to forge meaningful relationships, some argue that it has caused more divisiveness than togetherness.

One way to bring people is through authentic digital content. A session that will touch on this theme is WHOSAY’s “Creativity Meets Brand Outcomes: There is Where the Magic Happens.”

CEO Steve Ellis along with Charlie Todd, Founder of Improv Everywhere, and Matt Patrick, Creator and Narrator of the YouTube series, Game Theory, will explore the ways creativity is both overlooked and underrated in terms of its potential to optimize business efforts by advertising agencies at large.

Specifically, the panel will explore how many of the commonly encountered problems advertisers face such as shortened user attention spans, brand safety, and ad fraud, can be proactively avoided through carefully thought out creative campaigns.

Why is this important? Having a strong content marketing strategy can offer measurable value to consumers in a way that’s authentic, engaging, on message, and in a controlled, brand-safe environment. In addition, well-executed, content-driven campaigns allow companies to cut through the clutter online.

Join this session if:

  • You are a content marketing manager looking for creative inspiration
  • You are agency strategist seeking to optimize your campaigns through creative advertising
  • Your are a brand marketer looking to enhance your relationships with influencers and drive user engagement


WHOSAY is comprised of a team of high-performing advertisers, tech experts, and media professionals whose services make up the full marketing funnel. Beginning with establishing campaign objectives, WHOSAY helps match clients with the right talent and content for their goals, create the content, distribute it, and then measure the results such as brand lift and ROI with third party and proprietary tools.

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