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From data and creativity and paid media models to the future of brands and publishing, our curated tracks are designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of what tools, strategies, and tactics you should be investing in to advance your career.

At SMWNYC, learn from the world’s leading brands on a variety of topics ranging from brand safety to how brands can keep up with their audiences.

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Here is a preview of what you can expect:

Increase Your Social Media ROI Through Social Analytics and AI

Hosted by NetBase

When used right, data can be an amazing tool for any marketing professional. Utilizing social analytics and artificial intelligence can be the difference between assuming you’ve made a good decision and having a great data-driven strategy.

In this session, we’ll explain how you can harness the power of social intelligence. We’ll cover the tools available to help you drill down to the human layer of social conversations, and to derive concrete ROI from your social programs.

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The Evolution of Togetherness: Quantifying Social Media’s Impact on Society

Hosted by Grey

In a 5,700-word status update in early 2017, Mark Zuckerberg announced that a change in Facebook’s purpose: once peddling a social network connecting friends, the new vision is to create a one-stop global community. Keenly aware that many are quick to condemn social media as intrinsically anti-social, social media leaders are working to improve tech’s ability to forge togetherness, bringing about the next phase of digitized community-building. Luckily, tech leaders aren’t the only ones adept at tackling this challenge; the advertising industry has always been a force for building community and bringing people together, aware of the potential that technology brings to that goal.

In this session, Suresh Nair, Global Chief Strategy Officer at Grey, presents the agency’s Famously Effective Business of Togetherness research, speaking to new, modern definitions of togetherness—and social media’s role in bringing us together and/or dividing our culture.

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Social Media & Close Culture

Hosted by Viacom

The making of Mass culture used to feel far away and Close culture is the experience that humans have had throughout most of our history. Now we live in a world where the lines between mass and individual culture and close and crowd culture are blurred. The ease with which we can now communicate changes how we feel and what we feel connected to. Everyone feels close to everything leaving us with the power to influence a broader set of topics. This new level of intimacy affects not only the way we talk to people but what we share and, what we expect to be shared back. With social media amplifying close culture and brands leveraging close dialects what are the new frontiers of closeness?

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Conquering the You-niverse: Branding on the Individual Scale

Hosted by VaynerMedia

Less than two decades ago, targeted, individualized advertisement was the stuff of science fiction. But yesterday’s sci-fi is today’s real life, and marketers need to adapt. Consumers expect personalization from brands, and that means that they cannot continue to adhere to rigid definitions of brand voice. Brands are perceived differently by each and every individual, so why not advertise that way? In this session, VaynerMedia CCO Steve Babcock will discuss how data allows us to create content for—and with—the individual consumer.

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How BuzzFeed’s Tasty Grew Into a Suite of Products

Hosted by BuzzFeed

In this session, Talia Halperin, General Manager of Tasty Commerce, and Claire King, Tasty’s Head of Culinary, will discuss how the largest social food network in the world has expanded into launching its own suite of Tasty products.

Tasty reaches 500 million people every month with its signature top-down recipe videos and makes cooking fun, accessible and shareable. Today, Tasty is making cooking even more accessible with it’s very own smart induction, bluetooth-enabled cooking appliance, the Tasty One Top, to customizable Tasty Cookbooks,the New York Times bestseller TASTY LATEST & GREATEST: Everything You Want to Cook Right Now, and more. The options are limitless for this powerful brand as it leads the democratization of food.

Halperin and King will talk about how their roles were instrumental in launching these products and how Tasty’s massively viewed hit content spearheaded the brand’s expansion into commerce.

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The Formula for Brand Safety: Consistency + Transparency + Effectiveness

Hosted by Verizon

In this session, you’ll hear from John Nitti, Chief Media Officer at Verizon, who will share his point of view on the three keys to brand safety in 2018 and beyond: consistency, transparency, and effectiveness. He will share insight into how Verizon, a company that is among the top digital spenders, views brand safety and how his team is taking steps to ensure their ads are placed in premium environments among contextually relevant content.

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Away: Redefining Modern Travel Through Innovative Marketing and Beyond

Hosted by Away

Less than two years into existence, the innovative direct-to-consumer startup Away has redefined its category, working to make everything about the travel experience more seamless. But the brand’s secret to scaling and winning consumer loyalty goes beyond its ever-expanding line of travel-related products.

In this session, Jen Rubio, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Away will share how the Away brand was born (and crafted), and how they’ve launched a series of creative marketing efforts to not only build stronger consumer relationships but, ultimately, inspire more people to travel.

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Brands Are People, People Are Brands: An Intimate Conversation With Rev Run & Matt Britton

Hosted by Suzy

In this unique session, marketing entrepreneur Matt Britton, Founder & CEO of Suzy and an early innovator in influencer marketing, will host a wide-ranging discussion with Rev Run exploring the origins, current state, and future outlook of celebrity influence.

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Social Networks vs. Humanity: An Honest Look at Social Media’s Impact On Society & Our Minds

Hosted by Center for Humane Technology

In this session, you’ll hear from Max Stossel, a former marketer and internet entrepreneur who now serves as the Head of Content & Storytelling for the Center for Humane Technology. Join this session and learn why some of the most respected pioneers of the internet era are banding together to better solve for the dehumanizing tendencies of today’s digital platforms and how marketers and technologies can help the cause.

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Brand Purpose 2.0: When Doing Good Drives the Bottom Line

Hosted by Social Media Week

Today’s consumers increasingly vote with their wallets and support brands whose values align with their own. Whereas in the past these types of community outreach and activist efforts were relegated to CSR teams, they are slowly but surely moving into the marketing function and becoming core to a brand’s DNA. In this panel session, you’ll hear from marketers representing a range of purpose-first brands. These companies and others like them have created a new paradigm for how brands should identify and act on their purpose, and are seeing business gains as a result.

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The Future is Personal: How Early Insights are Personalizing Marketing

Hosted by Pinterest

“Disruption” isn’t the future of marketing—it’s personalization. Brands see personalization as a means for reaching the most relevant people with the right message at the right time. To personalize your marketing, you need to understand trends and shifts in consumer behavior as early as possible.

The session will discuss why delivering tangible value to consumers and building trust is key to executing on effective personalized brand experiences, and showcase some of the ways that Pinterest is helping inspire people to take action during key life moments.

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The Future of Sports Media: How The Players’ Tribune is Transforming Storytelling

Hosted by The Players’ Tribune

The sports media world is typically known for speculative headlines, snarky commentary and a “gotcha” brand of journalism that can skew the way athletes are perceived. If digital platforms can be used to tell more transparent and direct stories amongst everyday people, can they also be used for athletes and other public figures in the sports world?

Founded by Derek Jeter, The Players’ Tribune is a new media company that provides athletes with a platform to connect directly with their fans, in their own words. In this fireside chat, we sit down with Jaymee Messler, President and Co-Founder of The Players’ Tribune, to hear how the company is engaging audiences by giving athletes an outlet to share their unique and personal stories.

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Join us at SMWNYC April 24-27 to hear from 150+ leading thinkers who will explore our global theme, “Closer,” which navigates the increasingly tenuous relationship between community and individualism. Fewer than 39 passes remain, so don’t wait.

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