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From data and creativity and paid media models to the future of brands and publishing, our curated tracks are designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of what tools, strategies, and tactics you should be investing in to advance your career.

At SMWNYC, speakers from world-renowned brands like Away, BuzzFeed, Weber Shandwick, Pinterest, and Department of International Trade will discuss everything from navigating the future of retail to how social is driving commerce.

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Here is a preview of what you can expect:

How BuzzFeed’s Tasty Grew Into a Suite of Products

Hosted by BuzzFeed

In this session, Talia Halperin, General Manager of Tasty Commerce, and Claire King, Tasty’s Head of Culinary, will discuss how the largest social food network in the world has expanded into launching its own suite of Tasty products.

Tasty reaches 500 million people every month with its signature top-down recipe videos and makes cooking fun, accessible and shareable. Today, Tasty is making cooking even more accessible with it’s very own smart induction, bluetooth-enabled cooking appliance, the Tasty One Top, to customizable Tasty Cookbooks,the New York Times bestseller TASTY LATEST & GREATEST: Everything You Want to Cook Right Now, and more. The options are limitless for this powerful brand as it leads the democratization of food.

Halperin and King will talk about how their roles were instrumental in launching these products and how Tasty’s massively viewed hit content spearheaded the brand’s expansion into commerce.

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Away: Redefining Modern Travel Through Innovative Marketing and Beyond

Hosted by Away

Less than two years into existence, the innovative direct-to-consumer startup Away has redefined its category, working to make everything about the travel experience more seamless. But the brand’s secret to scaling and winning consumer loyalty goes beyond its ever-expanding line of travel-related products.

In this session, Jen Rubio, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Away will share how the Away brand was born (and crafted), and how they’ve launched a series of creative marketing efforts to not only build stronger consumer relationships but, ultimately, inspire more people to travel.

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Content to Commerce: How Social Grew Up to Drive What We Buy

Hosted by Weber Shandwick

Back in the early days of social, platforms were seen as a means for driving top of funnel brand metrics like awareness—but they weren’t taken seriously as a legitimate driver of e-commerce. Flash forward to today and players like Instagram and Pinterest are evolving to take consumers from content discovery and inspiration to purchase.

In this session, Obele Brown West, Executive Vice President and Client Experience Digital & Innovation Lead at Weber Shandwick, will explain what’s behind the emergence of social as an e-commerce engine and what marketers need to know about using social to drive sales.

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Beyond the Algorithm: How Brands & Consumers Can Connect in a Disconnected World

Hosted by Anomaly

Technology has provided more avenues for connection than we ever could have imagined. But that sheer mass of communication means today’s consumers only engage with brands that produce relevant content and experiences that deliver value to their lives. This has created a big challenge for brands yet, at the same time, it has also unlocked new opportunities.

Brands that focus on building relationships with people outside of the algorithm are proving they can drive growth with the right type of experiences, content and thinking. This session will explore those shifts in thinking and explain how they can drive better user experiences and deliver greater results for brands.

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The Gen Z Social Media Forecast

Hosted by PSFK

While the next generation (labeled Gen Z) is expected to adopt similar behavioral traits of their millennial predecessors, there will be subtle differences between these groups that would make or break any brand’s targeting of this emerging consumer group.

In the Forecast Z report, leading innovation and trends company PSFK will reveal nuanced insights about Gen Z, describe the trends and best-in-class case studies that can be leveraged to target them and present a framework that can be used to market, engage and sell to a new generation of consumers.

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Scroll, Click, Own: How to Power Up Social Commerce on Facebook

Hosted by Diply

The convergence of social media and e-commerce established a new shopping category, called social commerce, that has transformed the online shopping experience for brands and consumers alike. More and more companies are implementing social commerce as part of their overall marketing campaigns to increase consumer engagement, awareness, conversion, and sales, and help establish long-term relationships.

As social commerce increasingly grows in importance, buying behaviors will also evolve, which will challenge brand marketers to identify the best tactics to take consumers from content discovery and shopping inspiration to purchase.

With U.S. e-commerce sales expected to reach nearly $522 billion in 2018, how can brands maximize their share? In this session, Dan Lagani, President and Chief Revenue Office at Diply, will outline the ever-changing landscape of social commerce and the ways it will influence how brands reach consumers in 2018 and beyond.

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Brand Purpose 2.0: When Doing Good Drives the Bottom Line

Hosted by Social Media Week

Today’s consumers increasingly vote with their wallets and support brands whose values align with their own. Whereas in the past these types of community outreach and activist efforts were relegated to CSR teams, they are slowly but surely moving into the marketing function and becoming core to a brand’s DNA. In this panel session, you’ll hear from marketers representing a range of purpose-first brands. These companies and others like them have created a new paradigm for how brands should identify and act on their purpose, and are seeing business gains as a result.

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The Data Whisperers: Tips for Turning Data Insights into Action

Hosted by Department of International Trade

Amid the hoopla over data over the past several years, marketers have discovered the hard way that data is only as important as their ability to use it. Given the plethora of data sources and inputs, one of the biggest challenges brands face today is how to approach the wealth of data they have at their disposal and focus on those insights that hold the potential to unlock new opportunities for their businesses.

In this talk, we’ll bring together leading data platforms to showcase how specific types of data can be used across a marketing organization and business on the whole. The panel will address contemporary blockers that are impeding marketers from making their data more useful and provide actionable next steps for sourcing, analyzing, and executing on data-driven campaigns.

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The Future is Personal: How Early Insights are Personalizing Marketing

Hosted by Pinterest

“Disruption” isn’t the future of marketing—it’s personalization. Brands see personalization as a means for reaching the most relevant people with the right message at the right time. To personalize your marketing, you need to understand trends and shifts in consumer behavior as early as possible.

The session will discuss why delivering tangible value to consumers and building trust is key to executing on effective personalized brand experiences, and showcase some of the ways that Pinterest is helping inspire people to take action during key life moments.

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Getting Back to the Work You Love: How Automation Can Help You Scale Your Business

Hosted by Accelo

You love the work you do, heck, it’s why you do it! The problem is that sometimes, or a lot of the time, you get stuck doing things like updating client records, filling out timesheets and figuring out if you’ll be able to make a projects deadline – tasks that take up the time that should be spent doing the work you love: work that generates revenue!

That’s where automation comes in.

Learn how automation can streamline your operations to reduce chaos and confusion by leveraging the power of smart technology to manage client relationships and/or internal work. Service Operations Automation enables you to manage projects, requests, retainers & more from one place, so you can finally have the right insight and tools to drive a more profitable operation.

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From Impressions to Influence: An Integrated Approach to Influencer Marketing

Hosted by theAmplify

As the influencer marketing industry has matured, so has its ability to play a more integrated role in brand marketing. In this presentation, Lindsay Fultz, V.P Brand Partnerships and Strategy, will discuss how and why taking an integrated approach to influencer marketing delivers the highest ROE and ROI. Drawing on theAmplify’s expertise in building and executing integrated influencer marketing strategies for some of the biggest brands in the world — including Covergirl, AXE, Campbell’s, PepsiCo, Taco Bell, Ford, Lionsgate, and many others — this session will reveal what a data-first optimization strategy looks like and how to collaborate across multiple departments to turn digital conversations to real-life conversions.

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Patronage in the Digital Age

Hosted by Twitch

For centuries, kings, popes, and society’s wealthiest citizens supported musicians, painters, sculptors and artists of all kinds to flaunt status and support the Arts and creativity. Patronage is still a major part of today’s society, but it’s no longer reserved for the elite. Every day, millions of people tune into Twitch to watch live streaming content. Though the content is free, financial support is an integral part of the community.

In this talk, we’ll explore why viewers support Twitch streamers via Subscriptions, Donations and Bits; explore examples of how broadcasters are empowered to create their own reward systems; and discuss how brands can tap into the symbiotic relationship between streamers and viewers.

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Navigating the Future of Retail: Creating Customer Experiences that Sell

Hosted by Social Media Week

As e-commerce continues to grow alongside the relentless momentum of Amazon, retailers are finding new ways to give people a reason to connect with their brands in-store. In 2017, we saw an uptick in experiential retail experiences, from traditional brands like Nordstrom (which is testing stores without clothes), to startups like the feminist pop-up chain, Bulletin. For further evidence of the movement, look no further than digital-first companies setting up shop via physical presences–companies like Google, Bumble, and Amazon, to name a few.

In this special track, you’ll hear from experts that are pioneering a new revolution in retail. These customer-obsessed business leaders will share insights on how to create shopping experiences that blur the physical and digital worlds, offering new types of shopping experiences altogether.

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Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen? Community vs. Individualism in Food + Lifestyle

Hosted by Socialfly

As a result of the influencer marketing industry’s explosive growth, some would argue that the lines between community vs. individualism are blurred. Is how Instagrammable something or some place is the new social norm? Is the judgment of how “Instagrammable” something is, taking away from the actual experience of cooking a meal, decorating a home, or dining out?

We will offer a well-rounded perspective on the inner workings of influencer marketing and how brands, businesses and individuals can partner in social media without compromising their authenticity. This compelling panel will feature food & lifestyle influencers alongside tastemaker Martha Stewart.

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Join us at SMWNYC April 24-27 to hear from 150+ leading thinkers who will explore our global theme, “Closer,” which navigates the increasingly tenuous relationship between community and individualism. Fewer than 39 passes remain, so don’t wait.

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