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At SMWNYC, learn from the top players in B2B marketing on how to roll out a social and online listening program, how to build an end-to-end social CRM approach that drives value, and much more.

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Implement an Online & Social Listening Program Across Your Organization

Hosted by Talkwalker
Many marketing professionals are aware that social and online listening can be a powerful way to gain insights about your brand, your industry, and your competitors. Implementing a social listening program, on the other hand, is more complicated.

From establishing social listening objectives, researching tools, and achieving organizational buy-in- you have your work cut out for you.

Then, you need to actually roll out a social and online listening program that the entire organization adopts and utilizes to its fullest capacity.

Learn from industry experts: Nicole Moreo from Ketchum, Lila Branagan from Ferrero, and Adrienne A. Wallace from bowmo, Inc. on developing a social listening strategy, implementing a program, and achieving organizational adoption. Todd Grossman, CEO of Talkwalker, a leading social listening & data analytics platform, will moderate the panel.

Attend this session and learn:

  • Why social listening should be utilized throughout an entire organization (not just marketing or communication departments!)
  • Steps to organizational buy-in on a social listening tool
  • Real-life stories from respected brands that have successfully implemented social listening programs
  • Predictions for the future of social and online listening

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Modern, Relevant and …167 Years Old? How Amex is Redefining B2B

Hosted by American Express

To stay ahead of emerging financial services companies, Amex recognized a need for change in the B2B space. They needed to show up as a modern brand for business that understands you and your business challenges; that’s more human, relevant and empathetic than ever before. Fueled by data and focused on building connections, social media was unsurprisingly a key channel for delivering on this mission. Learn how Amex is breaking through in the Newsfeed and connecting with audiences in a whole new way.

Attend this session and learn:

  • How to reach the “unsung heroes” (e.g. CFOs that are impactful but under-appreciated)
  • How to get to know your audience by using social & search data to truly understand content needs
  • How to fish where the fish are: to reach people off platform
  • How to talk to people as people: from business-to-business to business-to-person
  • Strategies for escaping the sea of sameness through thumb-stopping content
  • Why telling the truth matters: It takes more than a tweet and a TED talk to do real business
  • Ways to find an interesting and relevant cultural tension and build a bold story around it
  • From brand to demand: How to build an end-to-end social CRM approach that drives value
  • How to build content to maximize platform strengths and differences

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Battling B2B Lead Gen Backlash

Hosted by gyro & LinkedIn

If sales are the lifeblood of any business, then lead gen is the donor outreach program. The problem with these marketing campaigns are often too tactical and too short-term. You measure some results, declare victory, and move on. So, how can B2B marketers offer value in the long-term? More specifically, how can this be done via digital platforms that have made it easier than ever to target customers in a relevant way and actually feel something about your brand?

This session will explore how provocative, breakthrough content distribution strategies and sophisticated account-based tools can be used to create meaningful customer relationships in the B2B world.

Attend this session and learn:

  • How to navigate rapid changes and evolutions in the B2B marketing landscape
  • Practical advice for business marketers looking to leverage social, content creation, ABM and other tactics, in unison, to talk to their customers in a relevant way
  • Key examples of what not to do as customers are becoming increasingly numb to marketing messaging

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Join us at SMWNYC April 24-27 to hear from 150+ leading thinkers who will explore our global theme, “Closer,” which navigates the increasingly tenuous relationship between community and individualism. Fewer than 39 passes remain, so don’t wait.

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