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From Memes to Media Empire: How Internet Stars Are Forging the Future of Branded Content

Hosted by Jerry Media

In this fireside chat, we sit down with Mick Purzycki, CEO of Jerry Media, to discuss how he and his team used the popularity of @FuckJerry and similarly sticky accounts to build a full-service content studio that lists brands like Burger King, Bud Light, Hinge, Gucci, Brita and TurboTax as partners.

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The Moment of Truth: How a Cluttered Media Industry Needs to Inspire a New Era of Storytelling – Before It’s Too Late

Hosted by Vox Media

In this session, Melissa Bell — a journalist, product lead, and entrepreneur who left the Washington Post to co-found the news brand Vox — will discuss how her unconventional background led to her current role as Publisher at Vox Media; how her unique editorial strategies and network approach to brand building is growing Vox Media’s audiences, delivering tangible value to their brand partners, and leading to the next phase of our industry’s future; and what she worries about most in this age of mass media surplus.

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THIS is Social Media: ‘Hate It or Love It’

Hosted by Havas

All #hashtags are not created equal. You already knew that. But do you know what separates an effective social media effort from one that doesn’t work? Hint: It’s not just about data and reach.

Join two of Havas’ top social thinkers, U.S. Chief Creative Officer Jason Peterson and New York Chief Creative Officer Harry Beee, to understand why engagement makes all the difference in social media. They’ll talk about why the goal of social media should be to create the most engaging content possible, and educate marketers on how to get a positive response.

There are only two responses to social: I hate you or I love you. Attend this session to learn how to get the latter in a way that actually does something meaningful for your brand or business.

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How Instagram Became The Music Industry’s Go-To Social Platform

Hosted by WeBuyGold

Instagram has become the most relevant and influential platform for music artists and their fans. The most followed accounts on Instagram belong to musicians and amongst the app’s 800 million users worldwide, about 350 million follow 10 or more verified musicians. Some of the internet’s most influential users are fans of these artists and when something is deemed compelling and cool by this audience, it can shape trends and reach the masses.

Whether you’re the internet’s next big breakout hip-hop star or part of the most influential fanbase consuming content and driving culture right from your mobile phone, come hear from a panel of artists and digital media experts who are creating innovative narratives on Instagram. They’ll discuss the many ways influencers can reach their fans including using Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, animated content, sharing behind-the-scenes photos and video in Instagram’s Galleries and much more.

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The Dodo: Tapping Into Our Universal Love of Animals to Dominate Social Media

Hosted by The Dodo

Social media has entered into a new chapter in which consumers’ feeds are inundated with divisiveness and toxicity, but new digital-first publishers are establishing models to break the trend. Enter the female founded media company, The Dodo. By tapping into our universal appreciation for animals, The Dodo is creating fun, positive, authentic, and meaningful content that entertains while bringing people closer to animals and to each other.

In this fireside chat, attendees will hear from Izzie Lerer, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, and YuJung Kim, President, on how they’ve grown The Dodo into the No. 1 animal brand globally on social and a top five media creator cross-platform in the U.S. (Source: Tubular). They’ll share lessons learned on the path to amassing more than 2 billion monthly video views across Snapchat Discover, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and creating the most successful Facebook Watch show by a media brand.

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From Taste to Trend: How Human-Powered Curation Informs the Trends of Tomorrow

Hosted by Pinterest

It used to be that magazine editors dictated and set lifestyle trends for the world. With the democratization of content creation and new forms of distribution, people with great taste can now shape what’s trending today, and what will be trending tomorrow. From recipes to travel destinations to style tips, these human curated trends create an incredible opportunity for brands to give consumers actionable inspiration tailored to people’s unique tastes and interests.

In this session, Pinterest Creative Strategy Lead Brad Spychalski will show unique and effective ways to reach audiences on the visually driven platform. We will share insider tips to help you understand Pinterest and develop trend-inspired campaigns that drive results.

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Content to Commerce: How Social Grew Up to Drive What We Buy

Hosted by Weber Shandwick

Back in the early days of social, platforms were seen as a means for driving top of funnel brand metrics like awareness—but they weren’t taken seriously as a legitimate driver of e-commerce. Flash forward to today and players like Instagram and Pinterest are evolving to take consumers from content discovery and inspiration to purchase.

In this session, Obele Brown West, Executive Vice President and Client Experience Digital & Innovation Lead at Weber Shandwick, will explain what’s behind the emergence of social as an e-commerce engine and what marketers need to know about using social to drive sales.

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Creating Social Gold: The Art of Platform Specificity

Hosted by That Lot

To succeed on social, you need to understand platforms. You need to be on the right platforms, you need to make the right content for the right platforms, and you need to engage with right people in the right way on the right platforms.

Join David Schneider and David Levin, Creative Directors of the UK agency That Lot, to explore platforms, platform specificity and native innovation. Schneider and Levin will share case studies from clients like Channel 4, Nat Geo, Jamie Oliver and The Voice, and discuss how platform-led brands and broadcasters nailing it on social in creative, highly-engaging ways. Dress code: platforms.

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The Essential Guide to Language in the BuzzFeed Age

Hosted by BuzzFeed

How does a fast-paced digital publishing company maintain editorial consistency (while keeping things 💯) during a time in which the lines between internet culture and IRL culture are blurred?

Enter Emmy Favilla who, as BuzzFeed’s Global Copy Chief, was tasked with creating a modern style guide for the company’s army of writers, community managers, and content creators. Famous for helping bring the GIF format to the forefront, making lists go mainstream, and now, publishing serious investigative and longform journalism, BuzzFeed unleashed Favilla’s style guide into the world in 2014 and has now expanded upon it in a new book titled A World Without “Whom.” In this candid fireside interview, Favilla shares her tips for mastering language in the “BuzzFeed Age.”

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Navigating the Future of Content: Challenges & Opportunities

Hosted by Social Media Week

The digital publishing world has experienced substantial shifts over the past year. From increasingly fragmented audiences to algorithmic changes and everything in between, change is the only constant for publishers seeking to build communities around their content.

In this special track, we invite three executives from leading publishers and solutions providers to share their perspectives on the current landscape. What are the biggest hurdles publishers face, and where are there opportunities to craft innovative pathways to success? This session will include three mini-keynotes from leaders who are changing the game.

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Instagram & the Shift Towards Data-Driven Influencer Marketing

Hosted by CROWD.

Join this panel featuring three “OGs” in the influencer industry: Andy Torres, one of the first international fashion bloggers; Daniel Saynt, one of the first creators of a media property; and Vicki Frid, founder of one of the first digital marketing agencies. The conversation will be focused on their beginnings, how Instagram changed the game, and how brands must adjust to thrive and survive given the new algorithm.

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Reaching Young Audiences on Instagram: Strategies for Publishers

Hosted by Instagram

With 800M monthly active users and a community of young people who spend more than 32 minutes a day on the platform, Instagram is a place for publishers to reach the next generation of their audiences. In this session, Instagram’s News & Publishing Partnerships team leads a conversation with some of the top publishers on the platform about how they tell stories and build communities for millennials and Gen Z on Instagram.

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Secrets to Creating Breakthrough Branded Content

Hosted by First Media

What makes a piece of sponsored content stand out? How can marketers create branded content that feels authentic and innately sharable?

Gain valuable insight into the success of content in the digital space and what it takes to climb to the top of this changing industry – engaging with audiences through meaningful ways, building trust within brand platforms, and successfully integrating other brands within native content to serve both the brand and the viewer.

Join First Media’s (Blossom, So Yummy and Blusher) founder as he discusses trials & tribulations through case studies, algorithm changes, and how to gain ‘super fans’ that drive viral video success.

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The New Era of Digital Content: How Brands & Publishers are Keeping Up with Audiences

Hosted by Department of International Trade

For brands, publishers, and content creators, this has created new challenges. How can creators produce relevant and powerful content quickly and at the quality-level that consumers have come to expect? How can creators meet the demand with limited resources? In this session, we invite publishers to explore how emerging technologies can be used to become more prolific and meaningful with their content generation. The panelists will discuss the rising importance of video as a format, why mobile should be core to any content strategy, and how AI and machine learning are changing the future of content creation and online advertising on the whole.

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Beyond the Meme: How to Develop Breakthrough Social Content that Matters

Hosted by WP Narrative_

Everyone wants their meme to go viral. And many do. But beyond the pure megaphone aspect of social media, which often devolves into shouting matches that highlight the worst of everyone, there’s room for deeper discussion.

In this panel, producer Will Packer (“Girls Trip” and “Straight Outta Compton”), joins Tricia Clarke-Stone, CEO, WP Narrative_, and activist Michael Skolnik to discuss how brands and publishers can create social content that’s respectful to all sides, captures attention and has lasting impact. Specifically, the session will explore powerful case studies that will provide inspiration and actionable lessons to attendees.

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Join us at SMWNYC April 24-27 to hear from 150+ leading thinkers who will explore our global theme, “Closer,” which navigates the increasingly tenuous relationship between community and individualism. Fewer than 39 passes remain, so don’t wait.

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