Meet HearMeOut: The Social Media Platform Looking to Bring Audio Back Into the Mainstream



Audio is the new kid in town.

It’s no secret that voice and audio are having a moment—but will there be a time that they compete with visual in the digital landscape? The social platform, HearMeOut, is looking to be the leader of the movement and the one to find out.

HearMeOut is the first audio-based social network built around 42-second voice clips, mini podcasts let’s call them, that can be recorded and share to a user’s feed. Though on the surface this may seem like a very short amount of time to get a message across, there are numerous features that can be incorporated to pack an effective creative punch when sharing a story. For example, with each recording, users have the option to add a voice filter, images, or even create Voice Memes depending on the overall effect they’re aiming for with their post.

Want to use the app but feel like you’re on-the-go too often? HearMeOut’s technology can be connected to your vehicle’s sound systems and APIs so you can listen to your friends, family, and favorite celebrities while you drive, as well as record and share playlists of your own using voice control across your other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

The overarching mission of the company and the goal of the platform is to “bring back the authenticity of voice because it carries the true meaning of our thoughts.” This sentiment appears to ring true now more than ever with the increasing ubiquity of voice services including Amazon’s Echo Dot, and podcasts surging in popularity over the past several years. Specifically, according to Statista, the average number of monthly podcast listeners was roughly 58 million in 2016 and is expected to increase to 112 million by 2021. In short, what we’re seeing here is that what’s old is becoming new again.

As calls out, aside from the average user, marketers have an opportunity to benefit from the app to spruce up their brand stories in an innovative way that doesn’t involve the big bucks (HearMeOut is free to download on iOS and Android devices) and commitment to lengthier, more extensive productions. That said, you’re able to test the waters and gauge whether or not it’s a strategy that would help you expand your business and better cater to your audience.

Instagram is reportedly looking to jump on the audio bandwagon through new #musicdiscovery efforts per TechCrunch. Recent code within its Android app leaked that the Facebook-owned app may soon be bringing listenable music stickers to Stories due to the recent deals made between the parent company and a number of record labels. It was also reported that tests are being conducted so that the platform can automatically detect a song you’re listening to and display the artist and song in the form of a visual label.

Image via TechCrunch

Will HearMeOut encourage a new group of podcast-creating influencers? Will Instagram become the new MySpace? Time will tell. In the meantime, the impetus behind these moves is clear: in an already saturated social market, staying relevant and beating your competition to the punch with respect to new features and enhancements is critical for success, and audio just may be the ingredient needed to harness staying power.

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