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We are less than ONE week away from Social Media Week Los Angeles, LA’s premier media and marketing event! We’re extremely excited about the lineup we’ve curated and the conversations the knowledge shared across the week’s sessions will inspire.

One of the topics we hope attendees have a more deeper understanding of by the end of the conference is how to grow your audience and build authentic, meaningful engagement. If this is a topic you’re particularly interested in learning more about, bookmark these five sessions below:

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1. Secrets to Creating Breakthrough Branded Content

Yuval Rechter, Head of Digital at First Media, shares his POV on the key ingredients for winning the ever-shifting digital space, including ways to achieve brand integration that results in innately shareable organic content.

Attend this session and learn:

  • How to apply a few minimal but crucial steps in your content formula to achieve success
  • How to create a brand that resonates with audiences and makes them share
  • How to adapt to a changing social industry
  • How to integrate brands into content that feel organic in a saturated marketplace

2. The Design of Everyday Brands

POSSIBLE’s SVP of Emerging Services, Justin Marshall, explores the importance of design thinking and how it’s become instrumental in helping brands align to shifts in consumer attention and behavioral trends.

Join this session for the following key takeaways:

  • Driving demand and brand activation by shifting from channel thinking to experience thinking
  • Tomorrow, not yesterday, in algorithms and voice
  • Shaping your business to meet the expectations of the consumers you want

3. An Icon Goes Social: How Variety is Winning Across Platforms

Join Variety’s CMO, Dea Lawrence, as she shares the story of the how company continues to maintain its relevance and vitality by tapping into the social space in order to diversify business models and build revenue.

In her session she will explore:

  • Translating core values of trust & quality to social to diversify business models
  • Creating meaningful content that deepens the human connection
  • Leveraging influencers to pick up followers and increase engagement
  • Seeing the conversation before it happens
  • How to grow revenue from your social media

4. Why Every Brand Needs A More Immersive Visual Language

How can brands make the most of visual language? Ogilvy’s Amy Call and Jennifer Chapski have the insights including key considerations brands need to be cognizant of when looking to diversify their means of visual communication and align visual content with larger marketing strategies and goals.

Attend this session and learn:

  • Why brand identity doesn’t stop at the logomark and why brands have a need to diversify their means of short, concise, visual communication
  • Why developing a more immersive visual identity means expanding traditional notions of brand guidelines
  • How to leverage the intuitive emotional connections of visual language to better connect with consumers, and what to do if visual language backfires
  • How to ensure that visual content aligns with your marketing strategy and goals

5. How Branded Videos Break Through

Naomi Yasuda, VP of Brand Studio at Good Media Group, explores the science behind Schema Theory as it applies to the creation of effective and authentic branded content capable of connecting with consumers on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Attend this session and learn:

  • How to get consumers to commit to your brand
  • How to create content that connects with audiences on a deeper, more emotional level
  • How to connect your product with company values in an authentic way

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