How to Be a Thumb-Stopping Storytelling Leader Like Nat Geo



The No. 1 brand on social four years running shares its secret sauce for stopping thumbs.

The Information Age may be a term that’s existed and been tossed around for over two decades, but we are far from knowing everything there is to know about storytelling and how to navigate the amount of information today’s technology allows us to share every day.

As new tools continue to emerge and digital platforms evolve, so too do storytelling tactics, begging the question: how does a brand break through the clutter and deliver breakthrough content that captivates and engages their audiences?

At next week’s Social Media Los Angeles conference, we’ll hear from National Geographic’s Adam Quinn (Vice President of Digital) and Amanda Waas (VP Partner Solutions Digital/Social) as they explore how the company continues to use the democratization of information and the technologies of the digital landscape to take its 130-year-old brand once referred to as a “dusty magazine brand” into the future.

Specifically, they will touch upon how the company’s rise to dominance as the number one brand on social boils down to elevating content through heavy investment in visual storytelling. In other words, utilizing these platforms to authentically infuse its mission of exploration and curiosity across each story. Such adjectives can carry many different meanings depending on an individual, but this is precisely what Nat Geo celebrates and where it’s value proposition is derived.

Why is this important? In an environment dominated by algorithmically-fueled “filter bubbles,” success isn’t just a matter of people consuming the content shared, but about feeling an intrinsic connection with a brand and its story. Even more critical is the voice behind the story and its degree of authenticity. In short, marketers must take a hard look at themselves before they can expect to develop a foundation for brand-consumer relationships capable of standing the test of time.

Join this session if:

  • You’re a marketer looking to further develop your digital storytelling toolkit
  • You’re a social media manager looking to pocket best practices for delivering value-laden, authentic content that translates into organic audience growth
  • You’re an agency strategist interested in learning how to future-proof your business in terms of storytelling strategies

About National Geographic

National Geographic is a multimedia powerhouse whose mission for 130 years has been to increase awareness of the world around us by sharing inspiring stories under the umbrellas of science, exploration, and adventure. Because the company allows its community to be its chief storytellers and content creators, 30 percent of Nat Geo’s profits go to funding scientists, explorers, and conservationists.

To further explore the future of storytelling and the tension between community and individualism, be sure to join us at SMWLA next week (June 12-14) at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica. Only 85 passes remain so be sure to claim yours today.

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