How To Convert Your Assumptions Into Knowledge With Suzy



Suzy’s Avi Savar explores the power of consumer intelligence at next week’s SMWLA conference.

The digital age may be bursting at the seams with data and information, but this has far from made the decision-making process for today’s businesses leaders easier. Why? Because although there is much greater access to data than any previous generation, the speed of technological innovation has ushered in a movement where consumers are constantly exposed to new offerings for products, services, and even careers. In this vein, the digitalization of business has necessitated the need for agiler, real-time decisions in order to adequately compete in the marketplace. As a result, businesses are left with little time to validate their instincts when it comes to critical decisions, instead relying on assumptions.

All this said, how then can businesses avoid the damaging repercussions of a poor decision in an age where the democratization of digital media and hyper-connectivity makes staying on pace with the speed of culture so difficult?

President of Suzy, Avi Savar will tackle this burning question at next week’s Social Media Los Angeles conference. As a preview, key takeaways attendees can expect include best practices for making better, more informed decisions faster and how to transform assumptions into knowledge through de-risking strategies.

Why is this important? Regardless of the pace of innovation, market research is still necessary for any business looking to understand their consumers and develop the most effective marketing strategies, campaigns and content. Indeed, this has become significantly more challenging given the digital environment we face today where consumer interests, values, and cultural trends are always in flux. Fortunately, software and SaaS platforms emerging today allow us to harness collective insights from millions of consumers around the world in real-time and instantly be able to validate our choices anytime, anyplace, and anywhere.

Join this session if:

  • You’re an agency strategist in need of fresh insights for making quicker, more informed decisions based on real-time input from customers
  • You’re a time-strapped brand marketer interested in learning how on-demand consumer intelligence can be integrated into your content strategies
  • You’re a business seeking to learn more about the potential of consumer intelligence in connecting with audience members more effectively and regularly and ascertaining long-term value

About Suzy

Suzy is a SaaS platform with the core mission of helping businesses avoid making untested assumptions. Powered by over one million users, Suzy is capable of fulfilling a variety of day-to-day tasks such as testing ad campaigns and helping R&D teams make critical decisions—so more time and effort can go into the product development itself—and unlocking new insights that can extend beyond marketing into the heart of a business.

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on attending this session and many others at SMWLA (June 12 -14) at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica. Grab your pass today.

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