8 Ways To Use Facebook Engagement To Boost Sales



Facebook provides many opportunities to engage your target audience and boost sales.


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In 2008, Facebook was first ranked as the most used social network on a worldwide basis and still holds that position today in terms of active users. Still, its popularity is waning, especially among teens, but don’t count this social media giant out just yet. Facebook provides many opportunities to engage your target audience and boost sales.

Post the Right Information at the Right Time

Rather than share the same information across all platforms, understand which types of posts do best on each. Facebook is the best platform for blogs, curated content, videos and live chats. Also, posting between 1 pm to 3 pm results in optimal engagement.

Deliver High Engagement Content

Svetlana Ustinova created iGotOffer as a safe place for people to receive a fair price for their old phones, computers, and pads. To engage the target audience and drive business to the website, he delivers blog content that includes reviews of new phones, fixes for common tech problems, industry updates and more. “We found that by providing content about the latest phones and computers, then posting it on Facebook, we drew people to our site. Nearly everyone has old technology lying around and once the hook gets them to the site, it converts to a sale.”

Be Ready for Your Close-up

Go Live on Facebook to share specific experiences, demonstrations, discussions and more. This opportunity takes engagement to a new level. First, you step out from behind your logo and show yourself as the face of your brand. You can share how your products are made, used, and even recycled, or show the impact that your company’s philanthropic efforts have made on a specific community or area. Second, you should follow the live stream and answer questions, respond to comments, and further connect with your audience.

Boost Your Posts

Many Facebook ad experts pooh-pooh the “boost your post” option as being ineffective. The truth is that for small and/or local businesses, boosting your post results in more sales, and increases the number of page likes. For those on a tight budget, ignore the experts and boost the post. You can achieve a great ROI.

Share the Love

Or, more accurately, make it easy for others to share your content. Always include Facebook’s “like” plugin and share button on every blog, sales announcement, and other relevant content on your site. As you grow more followers, they become an extension of your sales team by sharing pieces about your products and services. Also, when posting information on Facebook, add a caption encouraging them to share it with someone who would be interested in what you have to say and/or sell.

Leverage Facebook Remarketing

This powerful tool has three specific aspects. First, customer lists which function like email marketing using personalized messages instead. Second, website traffic serves ads to people who meet specific filters you’ve established, including people who have visited your site during a specified timeframe. Third, app activity helps businesses with apps boost sales by reminding people to complete a purchase, offer special discount codes, and more.

Take Facebook Ads to a New Level

Facebook Ads have been around for a while so people think they have a pretty good handle on what to do, but let’s kick it up a notch. First, don’t settle for Facebook’s CPM model. Set your own CPM bids and switch to CPC pricing under the advance pricing model. Second, use a multi-product carousel and theme it to tell a story, outfit, or use. You can even use all of the panes to display one compelling image to really capture someone’s attention and imagination. Third, use a video advert because Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes video content. So not only is a video more engaging, it is more likely to be seen by others.

Incorporate Reviews

According to Search Engine Land, almost 90% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. When posting on Facebook, incorporate positive reviews in your ads to establish an element of trust. Also, when you’ve had a run of great reviews, shout-outs or other special acknowledgments, share a brief post such as, “Wow are we blushing about all of the great reviews our (name) product has recently received, including…” Don’t forget to link to the product page so readers can experience it for themselves.

Bottom Line

Facebook is still at the top of social media pyramid in terms of active users and provides significant marketing opportunities for the foreseeable future. Use this platform to post the right things at the right time, looking beyond the obvious opportunities to truly engage your target audience. Sales opportunities are alive and well on Facebook if you’re willing to make the effort.

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