How To Use Facebook Newsfeed Ads To Grow Your Email List



Facebook is one of the best platforms to scale your list-building strategy.


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The ROI of email marketing is as high as it has ever been, but attracting email subscribers is becoming trickier. Fortunately, Facebook is a goldmine of potential email subscribers. Running Facebook Newsfeed ads can be one of the most effective ways to build your list.

Facebook Newsfeed ads were introduced in 2012. They have taken off in recent years, because they primarily appeal to mobile users. Since mobile users account for 80% of Facebook advertising revenue, demand for Newsfeed ads has skyrocketed.

Facebook Newsfeed Ads Blow Sidebar Ads Away for List Building

When most of my clients want to run their first Facebook campaign, they usually prefer buying ads in the sidebar. Sidebar ads can be great for branding, but they are not ideal for building an email list.

I have found that Newsfeed ads have a much CTR and conversion rates, which is consistent with other marketers’ experiences. Anjay Anand, the founder of Rare Carat and a seven-figure Facebook advertiser, states that the CTR of his sidebar ads is only 0.42%. The CTR of his Newsfeed ads is 2.76% and the conversion rate is much higher as well.

Facebook Newsfeed Strategies to Grow Your List

Many Facebook advertisers use the same strategies with their Newsfeed ads that they apply when placing ads in the sidebar. Don’t make this mistake, because users respond to the ads differently. Here are some tips to engage users with Newsfeed ads.

Segment Mobile and Desktop Ads

Since mobile ads account for four out of five advertising dollars spent on Facebook, you can’t afford to ignore them. However, you will find that the funnels that work well for desktop users aren’t as effective with mobile marketing. You will need to use different opt-in boxes, ad copy and landing page styles to reach mobile Facebook users. Although I mentioned that longer form content is important, your mobile squeeze pages will probably need to be more succinct than your desktop ones.

It is important to segregate your mobile and desktop optimized pages to see which performs best for all users. There are a number of third-party tools that you can use to grow your email list. Many of these tools were built with mobile marketers in mind.

Use Long-form Content With Your Landing Pages

In the early days of email marketing, you could create a very basic opt-in page with little surrounding content. This doesn’t cut it anymore, especially if you are trying to reach people on Facebook.

Facebook has been weeding out advertisers that post use thin content. They often ban advertiser that use landing pages that offer little value to their users. Zac Johnson, a digital marketing veteran and the founder of, stated that Facebook has also tweaked the algorithm, so Newsfeed ads are less likely to appear if they don’t offer a great user experience.

Last year, Facebook tweaked its algorithm to reward longer form posts. It seems 90% of email marketers that build their list with Facebook aren’t aware of this change, which is why they are struggling to get new subscribers. Writing longer-form content for your opt-in pages will drive more traffic from Facebook Newsfeed ads,” Johnson explains.

How long should your landing page content be? There isn’t a hard word count, but landing pages with 500 to 1,000 words tend to rank well with Facebook’s Newsfeed Ads algorithm.

Of course, you need to make sure that the content doesn’t distract from the call-to-action. It must be engaging enough to keep readers on the page and support your conversion goal. Adding a floating subscriber box is a good way to ensure the call-to-action has the reader’s attention while they scroll through your content. Better yet, use a landing page software like Wishpond to create dedicated landing pages for each of the different ad copy being used.

Once a Facebook visitor converts to an email subscriber, your content should be personalized to that individual based on what Facebook ad copy converted them in the first place. If a Facebook visitor converted from an ad about sunglasses but you start emailing them about swimwear, then they aren’t getting a very seamless or personalized experience. Email automation platforms, like Campaign Monitor, give marketers the ability to segment their lists based on individual ad copy to ensure the content each individual receives is personalized to their interests.

Leverage Video Content

Video content is one of the best ways to engage people online. So why not embed them into your Facebook Newsfeed ads?

Srish Agrawal, a white label video marketing expert, states that video is one of the best ways to reach people through Facebook ads. However, the same approaches that help you boost organic search traffic don’t work as well with Facebook advertising. More specifically, Agrawal recommends using smaller videos.

“If you are looking at how Facebook continues to promote it’s best content and also how users are consuming it — video is definitely getting more attention than ever before. This is mainly due to the concept that more people are accessing the platform through their mobile devices and are in more of a data-consuming mode than taking action. This is where advertisers are seeing a lot of success with video ad campaigns for engagement and branding, versus trying to send users to a form or to complete a lead gen or sales page. What’s also working best is using a much shorter video, around 15-30 seconds (which is the complete opposite when trying to use Facebook for organic reach and text updates.”

Emphasize Social Proof

Newsfeed ads are primarily used to emphasize social messages. Before using them to build your email list, you want to focus on building your social reach. Your Facebook Newsfeed ads should mention that you have followers in the users’ own circle of friends. This helps your ads draw attention, which makes it more likely they will click on them.

Test Facebook Newsfeed Ads to Grow Your Email List

Facebook is one of the best platforms to scale your list-building strategy. Too many users focus on sidebar ads, but the Newsfeed ads tend to work much better. You just need to make sure that you have the right funnel in place to convert them.

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