Why Now Is The Best Time To Start Advertising In Instagram Stories



If you’re not advertising on Instagram Stories by now, or at least by this quarter, you’ll probably be sorry.

Right now—meaning this minute, or at the very least this quarter—is the best time to start placing advertising and other meaningful branded content in Instagram Stories.

That’s according to companies like Smirnoff and Nike, who are finding that Stories, rather than the traditional Instagram feed, is giving them the best bang for their buck. And this sweet spot may not last.

Per an article in Digiday, Smirnoff has found success in placing both organic stories and paid video ads in Stories. And Stories are performing well for the brand compared to feed placement and Facebook news-feed placement for a few important reasons.

One, at the moment, ads in Instagram Stories are cheaper than Facebook feed in many cases, since there is less competition in the space. Most companies are still pouring money into the giant that is Facebook, though clearly brands are feeling the love from IG.

Secondly, Smirnoff says that Instagram is where younger audiences—hopefully those of drinking age, are actually “more likely to watch ads with the sound on.”

Another perk is that Stories can be a sort of dumping ground for content that may not be as polished or as strong as it needs to be for Facebook or the Instagram feed. Behind-the-scenes footage and event videos that capture fun moments work well in Stories, and don’t require a lot of prior planning either.

But the good times may not last here. According to Merkle, ad spending on IG grew an astonishing 177 percent in the second quarter of 2018, compared to Q2 of 2017. Clearly, the word is out about the success of IG in general, and Stories will soon be as inundated as Facebook.

Therefore, companies that can and want to capitalize on this trend need to do so quickly and establish themselves as a prime and necessary follow, before the competition for eyeballs becomes too fierce. Feeds and stories that become full of ads are spaces that see fewer reactions and less engagement from audiences overall.

Jay Sethi, vice president of Smirnoff, was recorded in the Digiday piece as saying that six-second videos worked well for IG Stories, but that the brand would experiment with videos as long as 15 seconds as well.

The best part about Stories? They’re here today and gone tomorrow anyway. You might as well try posting something—you can always delete later, as the kids say.

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