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Organized by EchoHouse Ghana Limited in partnership with Pulse Creatives, SMW Accra is an annual conference that curates and shares the best ideas, innovations and insights into how social media and technology are changing business, society and culture around the world.

We spoke with their team about the upcoming event, what sessions they are most excited about, and some of the topics they will discuss during the week.

What do you think will be the most important attendee takeaways from your city’s SMW conference?

Audiences at this year’s event will learn:

  • How to create exciting content that keeps your consumer engaged in the first 5 seconds.
  • How to build a personal relationship at scale as a big brand.
  • How to use social media as a freelancer, start-up, and entrepreneur to grow your business and get more gigs.
  • How to use your social media to take your music to the world.

What are some sessions that your team is excited about?

On September 11, we will host a session entitled “The Gig Economy”, designed to lead conversations on how freelancers and startups have used social media to build their clientele and foster great collaborations.

Later this week, check out “The Goldfish Effect”, a session will lead the conversation about creating great content that engages the consumer in the first 5 seconds and “BBC Pidgin Minute Workshop” a session discussing the relevant news and how they are creatively reported.

How do your overall agenda tie into this year’s global theme?

The event schedule is designed to bring brands, consumers, thought leaders and influencers closer have conversations about how social media and digital innovations are bringing them closer into one space; We will discuss the pros and cons and possible solutions for the issues that come with getting “Closer”. This year we are also exploring the intensifying conflict between individualism and community and how social media is playing a major role in this space.

Which partners or brands are you most excited to be working with this year?

Vodafone Ghana: One of Ghana’s biggest data service providers having the “Future is Exciting” as a tagline, we are excited about bringing the participants closer to learn and experience all the amazing innovations and products they are bringing on board for an exciting future.

BBC Africa: One of the biggest news agencies in Africa. With their growing BBC Pidgin wing, which creates amazing content on local news. They will be curating a BBC Pidgin Workshop where they share very useful insights on behind the scenes and how they are able to consistently come up with amazing content.

Coca-Cola: One of the world’s biggest brands. Coca-Cola is coming on board to give the participants and attendees a refreshing and exciting experience through their activations.

What are some local trends you are seeing in your market?

There is a growing demand in the use of influencers for campaigns, brands are getting more in tune with online campaigns and building a personal relationship with their consumers at scale. A growing and lucrative market for digital marketers who are in high demand for the knowledge and expertise on how they can bring brands and campaigns closer to their target audience.

What are some of the key questions that will be addressed during your edition of SMW?

1. How Freelancers, startups, and influencers can use social media to collaborate and create more exciting experiences for consumers?
2. How do you stay creative and relevant as an agency in an ever-evolving space?
3. How do you choose the right channel as a brand to get closer to your consumers?
4. What is the future of FinTech and how do we make it as basic as possible for the average Ghanaian to use?
5. What are the exciting and innovative ways of using social media and tech to save the planet?
6. How can you create effective content that keeps your consumer engaged in the first 5 seconds?

Where can potential attendees get news and updates about your conference?

Attendees can get all the latest information on our website or through our social pages.
Facebook: SMWAccra
Instagram: SMWAccra
Twitter: SMWiAccra

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